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You know honestly I do not understand how anyone at this point can possibly believe Abramson has done anything for Louisville at all. He has made a career out of fleecing the taxpayer for his own gain and held with no accountability.......until now.

It is great to see Abramson finally coming under the gun for a change. I have been bringing him under the gun for a few years now. I have proved him a liar and have continually called him out in every dumb thing he does. The Courier Journal did a piece on his prized Cordish deal essentially proving that we have been been duped again.

Check this article out by the CJ:

Cordish records “appeared to substantiate” company spent $950,000 in public money properly, report says

Of course we got no answers. Did anyone really expect anything different? I loved it when David Tandy decided to go, on the taxpayer dime of course, to Cordish so he could see firsthand and prove the $950,000 was spent on Lucky Strikes. Did he do that? Nope. Great job Mr. Tandy. I really could have been persuaded to be a Tandy supporter at one point. Seriously I could have and was giving him the benefit of the doubt. Those days are gone.

Sorry David but after being lied to myself by your office multiple times and now the kid gloves rubberstamp treatment you continue to give Jerry well the time has come to quit giving you the benefit of the doubt.

The only "Strikes" were the ones we received from the group who went to "audit" the books from Cordish. How can anyone with a straight face say everything appeared to be in order with the burden of "rules" set on them by Cordish.

Check the beginning of this article out:

"A review of records on how the Cordish Cos. spent $950,000 in public money to refurbish a storefront at 4th Street Live “appeared to substantiate” it was used properly, the city's chief auditor wrote in a report released Friday.

But Chief Audit Executive Michael Norman said he and the four other officials who visited the company's headquarters Aug. 7 relied on records Cordish provided and made no independent attempt to verify them."

So let's see if we can understand this correctly. We are being told that the audit "appeared to substantiate" the money was used properly. Can anyone digest this statement with a straight face or are you laughing as loud as I am right now.

What kind of idiots do these clowns think we are? Appeared to substantiate? Either you verified or did not. It is simple.

"Norman wrote he couldn't offer assurances about the records “completeness, accuracy or reliability.”

No kidding. So why waste time with a "report" then. Do we look that gullible?

Of course he could not offer any assurances. Cordish says hey this is all you get and you cannot check anything else and oh by the way you must agree in writing not to disclose any information you obtained.

Why did they waste taxpayer money on the trip? We already had these answers prior to it.

What was supposed to have been gained? An honest accounting of taxpayer money.

And of course Abramson's favorite lapdog spokesman had the following to say:

"Chad Carlton, a spokesman for Mayor Jerry Abramson, said the report confirmed Abramson's belief from the outset that Cordish spent the funds appropriately and should help placate those who had “less than full faith” in the propriety of the expenditures.
“We hope we can move forward,” Carlton said.

Does Carlton honestly believe anything he says on behalf of Abramson? One would think not but who knows.

Abramson has continued to lie and deceive the public for years and this Cordish situation just keeps proving it more and more. Just wait until the arena mess starts unfolding and we see how much we were lied to on that. He wants to be Lt. Governor?

Why in the hell would anyone vote for him for anything. Seriously.

Everything about him is a lie, always has been, and always will be. Think we have problems now with City money? Wait until he gets hold of State money as well to pad the pockets of his political cronies and backers. Want to know how Cordish fits into this if he gets to State? Check out the attorney's on Cordish payroll and see how they tie into Abramson and Beshear.

Abramson needs out of here now because the price of his arrogance and lies are due to be paid during the next term. It is that simple.

He will owe $60-100 million by the time all the money is added up from lost lawsuits etc. And yes it all falls on his shoulders. He is depending on getting elected Lt. Gov so he can try to use State funds to either pay the piper or change things so he does not have to. Either way we the taxpayer at either level will be stuck with the bill one way or another thanks to his cronyism and abuse of power.
Why do you think so many have not stepped up to the plate and announced a candidacy for Metro Mayor yet? Because they know it will be a one term deal and will probably ruin their political future by having to make the tough decisions necessary to correct the fiasco he is leaving behind.

We do not need the same old inside political games breaking us all. We need to break them for a change.

And there may just be a candidate willing to take that risk soon ;-)

This is one example of exactly why Senate Bill 80 was pushed at State level and so necessary. To eliminate the total power that Abramson has over our money and our futures. The Metro Council has stood by this idiot more times than anyone can count and they cannot cry foul now. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and in his case it has definitely done that. That is why it is important to have transparency and no single person should have unlimited power like this Mayor has.

When you are part of the problem you are NOT part of the solution.

I urge each of you to start calling your reps, local and State, and demanding something be done. Call Crit LuAllen who has proven she is not scared to get involved. Call the Attorney General and demand he get involved in the problems. Heck call the feds they need to know and get involved. I already have.

We elect them all and WE PAY them all. It is about time they started earning it.

Abramson must go but so should all the rubberstamps who sit idly by and keep allowing this idiot to do this to us.

In this case Kelly Downard said it best by stating it's “really a non-report.”

“We have nothing more than before,” said Downard, who is an accountant. Councilman Downard is exactly right did we expect any less?

For Tandy, Norman, and the crew who went to Baltimore? Hope you enjoyed the trip because by the next election these freebies are over.

I for one am certainly going to work to make sure of it.


  1. sounds like a person who may run for mayor!!!
    go get'em

  2. Now now Brian I said someone not necessarily me though I admit freely I am seriously considering it. Hundreds have contacted me personally asking me to and thousands voted before. Who knows. It does all come down to money though unfortunately as usual. we will see.

    I keep hoping upon hope someone, anyone could stand up and run for the right reasons and help us grow and prosper and be proud of our community once again. Sadly it has not happened.

    Many names have been outed like Jim King, who will announce sooner or later just as soon as he figures out how to make his illeagl, in my opinion, financing of Katie's campaign go away. It also includes David Tandy on the Dem side who is showing more and more he truly carries the wtaer but does not know how to turn the faucet on. Greg Fisher? Doubtful. All in my opinion will be the same or worse than Abramson.

    The Repubs clearly are still in disarray with no way of figuring out how to fix themselves. They should already have ad at least one candidate out there announced. Instead they still cannot seem to find anyone as they are apparently more interested in finding the right person to get the seat for the party not necessarily what is best for the people.

    They continue wanting to wait to see what Steve Pence will do and unfortunately it shows just how unsure of their way forward they are.

    That sadly is the major problem. We must get past the do it for the party and get back to do the will of the people. Neither side has done any kind of credible job of pursuing that.

    Who knows I may end up in the game since no one else has had the courage to step forward. We shall see by mid September as I stated in previous articles.

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. These people need to go. It's everywhere that people are beginning to realize how duped they have been. It's time for David Tandy to hit the road. He wasn't even elected the first time since he was an appointment. Jim King needs to be investigated by the state and feds for his campaign financing. Greg Fischer? Come on, really?

    The Republicans haven't exactly set the world on fire either. But they should have been letting Abramson know that they were onto him. Tandy not only carries the water for Jerry but he also does pretty much everything else he is told to do. It works like this, Jerry and his backers really run the show to the detriment of the masses in this city. He's not even interested in the people of just the East End anymore. Its pretty much the hell with everyone as long as I get mine. That is the mantra of the Abramson regime and Chad Carlton, etc.

    If you notice David Tandy, Bruce Traughber and three others rolled up to Baltimore. Guess what they did, they went and did the most traitorous and irresponsible thing. They signed a non disclosure agreement which basically put city finances under Cordish control. That means they can't talk about anything to anyone because of that contract. Unless someone in the Feds or State steps in, this will continue to happen.

    Tandy and Traughber knew what they were doing when they went to Baltimore. They knew they weren't going to find out where the funds were spent. It's obvious that they were lying from the first time they talked about it. Cordish could not have forced them to sign that agreement. The city government here has the right to do whatever investigation is necessary. If Cordish does not want to do it, then let them get the hell out of our city. Why should we be held to paying this money to a bunch of people with bad motives. That won't even tell us what the money was spent on.

    I wonder how much of a kickback that all these people received for their inaction. There is something very corrupt going on here. Someone is getting paid under the table for their assistance. Basically this Metro Council has abdicated its responsibility to the people of this city. They have shown themselves as being incompetent at best and rotten at worst.

    A whole group of these people need to go. They don't deserve to be elected as representatives. I'm not sure what people here are thinking but we are all being ripped off by a bunch of crooks. Anything less than seeing who the handlers are and their officials is totally asking to get ripped off again.

  4. I agree they do need to go. I am hopeful these days that since information is so readily available that people are finally to see the way we have been played by our so called leadership and will rise up and demand better.

    My goal has always been to educate people on what really goes on and offer myself as someone who is an option to that end.

    When we are informed with truth then we can make rational decisions on our future. None of the mentioned possibilities know what truth is in my opinion.

    Hopefully the work I and so many others do toward that end are helping us all in some small way.

    Thanks for the comments.

  5. Anonymous as far as King goes and an investigation by the State do not count on the AG getting involved at all especially right now. It would be a major distraction during Conway's senate campaign and could spell political suicide if he took this case right now.

    The issue is one that no matter which way itis finally settled with set precedent for future elections. It goes to the heart of campaign finance reform.

    If we had real reform today many of the career politicians would be in trouble. The money you see spent today would flat out not be there.

    Not to mention that essentially ALL who benefit are political insiders and primarily Democrats right now. They will not eat their own. Publicly anyway.

    Feds are doubtful because they have always been reluctant to get into State election issues in regards to campaign finance.

    I do have other options available through the County and Commonwealth's attorney's office that I am saving for a later date;-).

    Bottom line is simple. We essentially have no recourse as private citizens in many regards to election oversight or accountability and that is unacceptable.

    Want to make a difference? You and friends call the Attorney General's office (502) 696-5300 and the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance (502) 573-2226 and voice your concerns. Let them know we will stand up for fairness.

    Thanks for the comments.


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