Monday, August 24, 2009


Once again our leadership has failed us. Once again we are now seeing just how pathetic these so called leaders are. Once again we are starting to see just how the Abramson machine and the rubberstamps on the Council have been able to screw us all through lies and deception. Once again we see how no one will stand up and take back our Louisville by holding morons accountable.

Every now and then the Courier Journal actually does report something that we should look at and take serious. Today is one of those days. Check out the Cordish confidentiality agreement that was signed by Bruce "I do what Jerry tells me to" Traughber, auditor Mike "thanks for my job Jerry" Norman, and David "I wanna be Mayor so help me Jerry" Tandy.

Cordish confidentiality agreement The Courier-Journal

Would anyone with any common sense sign something like this?

I mean really we paid for the trip, we pay their salaries, and we have demanded some transparency. What did we get?

Absolutely nothing. To say that these people, ALL of these people need to go would be an understatement.

Heck Cordish was even kind enough to draft a response for these guys just in case they did not know how to write one. PATHETIC.

Abramson now wants to be Lt. Governor. David Tandy now wants to be Mayor. Hell Jim King is now asking for transparency because he wants to be Mayor and he is one of the worst when it comes to transparency.

See the similarities here?

All the so called leaders and wannabe's have left us high and dry as usual. The pattern here is a simple one. They have no intent to gain us what we need and demand in transparency and accountability. None of the above have done anything to aid us in our search.

The only way to finally gain what we all seek is to throw them all out. I am not kidding. Get these people out of government they are not interested in our best interests at all. They benefit from a personal standpoint and with their private business dealings at our expense.

How else can we justify why the team that went to Baltimore came back with this garbage.

The team included Metro Council President David Tandy and our City Auditor in Mike Norman. Neither could do better than this? BOTH signed a confidentiality agreement? David Tandy is a lawyer, as well as, Metro Council President he certainly should have known better than this.

The entire Metro Council shares blame in this as well for allowing the Mayor to do this.

After spending the last several years pushing for transparency myself, and the many others who are doing so now, it seems there has been plenty of opportunity for the Council to begin the process of achieving this goal for the betterment of we the people who elect them.

Instead we now have this fiasco, and we now have the wannabe Mayor candidates acting like they want transparency now. Just one more example on a long list of their failures and why we need outsiders in government now not later.

Where were they during the years since merger? Reaping the benefits of an inflated ego and/or financial gain. Period.

For Jim King to act like he wants transparency now is an insult to all of our intelligence.

For David Tandy to sign such a confidential agreement when it concerns our taxpayer money he wants to control is just another example of someone wanting the job of Mayor for their gain not ours.

For the rest of the delegation including Mike Norman to sign such is just one more example of Abramson friends doing what they are told.

Time to break the cycle. Period.

Get rid of them all and do not be fooled.

We need real leadership by someone willing to stand up and do the right thing for us all.

We do not need more of the same by this pathetic display of insiders.

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