Friday, August 21, 2009


According to thevillevoice Jim King is now preparing an ordinance to be introduced next week that will require any project financed with taxpayer dollars to be subject to open records laws and that there be no confidentiality agreements concerning the way money is spent. You can read more here: King, Council Move to Prevent Another Cordish

Funnily enough rumor also has it that King is preparing to announce his candidacy for Louisville Metro Mayor next week as well.
Allen Leaning To Yes in Mayor’s Race. Amazing coincidence huh?

For starters Jim King is obviously trying to use the "transparency" issue thinking he can get votes from this stance in preparation for his announcement. It is really pathetic as King has continued to be part of the problem in lieu of transparency and certainly is shady when it comes to politics. You can read my stories throughout this site for the reasons why I believe so.

Many believe that Jim King's involvement in financing Katie King's run for Judge was illegal or borderline anyway. Myself included.

To say he is behind anything to do with legislation for accountability is also an incredible thing for him to take ownership of.

If King was so concerned with taxpayer money why has it taken until now to start working towards accountability and/or transparency?

Many of us have been asking for transparency and accountability for years. Hell it was one thing I campaigned on in 2006 when I ran for Mayor. Where has Jim King been on this issue since then? Did he take the lead on the issue?

No he has not. So why now?

Manipulation and deception.

He believes this is a situation he can capitalize on and people will forget the behind the scenes ongoing investigations and his lack of transparency himself. I even did an article,
Louisville News and Politics: ONLINE DATABASE: DOES IT REALLY MATTER?, exposing one way he himself avoids the transparency we seek even showing one email as an example.

This email clearly shows a conversation about City business that Jim King himself said should be responded to his personal email. Of course this is becoming known as standard practice by some Council members. Why is this a big deal now?

Because personal email is not subject to open records inquiry that is why. What does this mean?

Simply that you can talk about anything and everything when it comes to City business and shield the deals or intent from public view if you opt to use private email. This is a clear way to circumvent transparency and accountability.

This underscores the intent of open records laws and the trust once again in public officials.

King has proven time and again by his lack of getting involved in any meaningful way to helping us gain this transparency and accountability we have been seeking for years. He has also showed a willingness to bend the law, or at least attempt to, as evidenced in his ongoing investigation into the Katie King campaign last year.

Yes I take the hits for keeping this alive and yes I will in some circles continue to be beat up over it.

It does not matter.

We the people deserve transparency and accountability from our elected leaders. I will gladly take the hits if it helps us gain it. I put it on the line in 2006 by making this an issue and will continue to until we gain what we all seek.

I am thankful for all today that are finally getting involved and seeking the same thing.

I will continue calling out the hypocrisy of those like King who continue to mislead us in the hopes of getting what they want for their own gain. Not necessarily what we deserve in leadership.

Do I disagree with a Metro Council ordinance working to gain us the accountability King says is he now working on?

Not in the least.

I do believe Jim King is the wrong person to ask for something he himself spends a considerable amount of time and money trying to avoid.

Just saying.

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