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Today I dropped off my complaint with Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel's office asking for a criminal investigation on Jim King for felony campaign finance fraud. Of course where was Dave Stengel? You guessed it at Jim King's "I wannabe Mayor announcement." I couldn't script this any better if I tried. Check out the pic above courtesy of LEOWeekly.

Of course I do wonder if Dave Stengel was on personal time because I am sure lunch does not last longer than an hour.

The question is did it get tossed before it got read? Who knows. Obviously I expect Commonwealth Attorney Stengel to stay away from this issue as it is to political apparently for the entrenched to actually do their job.

Some will say that it isn't his job, but according to the Kentucky Supreme Court ruling in the case of Democratic Party of Kentucky v. William L. Graham, Commonwealth Attorney Stengel AND Attorney General Jack Conway, do have the authority. Conway's office, through assistant Tad Thomas another insider, has already declined to get involved. Stengel's office will do so as well.

Next in line when this happens is County Attorney Mike O'Connell who I am sure will have problems getting involved as well. Folks are you seeing a pattern yet?

Our elected so called leaders will not do anything that would be controversial against the machine that keeps them in power and in fact try everything they can to stop any registered voting citizen from seeking justice.

The KREF is not going to do much, if anything, because of the power of the elite though clearly the LAW has been broken and knowingly so. That is why I am preparing to file a lawsuit, assuming the KREF does not recuse itself, so that I can have a fair and unbiased review of the case.

Considering the ties between ex KREF Chair Joe Terry, who was quoted in the Courier on Dec 12, 2008 as saying these gifts would stink to him if they were given AFTER a candidate announced their run for office, as they clearly were in Katie King's case. He then went on Jim King's payroll after the original complaint was filed with the KREF in February and changed his mind. As ex Chairman he was a qualified "expert" to make that statement about the illegality of the Kings actions in December, but now is defending the very thing he himself railed against. Sarah Jackson current executive director of the KREF said that the timing and intent of such gifts would be relevent in subjecting the Kings to inquiry. I wonder where she stands now?

It does not get anymore suspect than this.

Money talks and justice walks. So far anyway.

Strike One.

Jack Conway has his own problems now that he is running for Senate and certainly does not want to take the risk of making a financial powerhouse like King upset.

Strike Two.

Now Dave Stengel, along with more of the same hacks, will do nothing of any relevance I am sure. Check out his comments quoted in the LEO:

Running as man with money on his mind, the campaign has already gained the support of Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney Dave Stengel, a longtime friend of King, who said the city’s economic crisis calls for a mayor with a business background.

We’ve got a lot of talent running for this, but Jim has a real solid base in finance and banking. He knows how to raise capital,” Stengel said. “This is our biggest problem right now. We’re out of money. All government is out of money. If we can’t turn something around we’re all going to be hurting.”

For starters saying any of these clowns has a lot of talent certainly belies what most of us know. They have entrenched numbers but if any of them had talent we would not be iin this mess in the first place. King has approved everything in lockstep with Abramson as well as committed intentional, knowing campaign finance violations to buy a Judgeship.

Strike three.

We want this in office?

Stay tuned this will get even worse.

I will file a lawsuit on behalf of us all, if and when it becomes necessary. And yes according to the law I have that right. Want to get involved and help? Contact me at, call (502)742-8519, or use the handy dandy paypal link on the right of this site.

Make a call to Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel and demand an investigation at (502) 595-2340.

Or call the County Attorney Mike O'Connell at (502) 574-6336.

The KREF can be reached here: (502) 573-2226

Attorney General Jack Conway's office: (502) 696-5300

This fight goes to the integrity of elections period. We deserve fairness and equality. We do not deserve the lies and manipulation by our elected leaders to keep power for themselves. We The People are the power and we must stand up and demand it.

For a copy of the complaint email me.

It is time to demand fairness and a voice for us all. We deserve it!


  1. Talking about the fact that we as a nation are out of money, I have a great book suggestion called The Creature from Jekyll Island which was written by G. Edward Griffin and talks about the founding of the Federal Reserve System.

    Regarding the whole thing with King, I wonder who gets special favors and special fringe benefits for supporting him. Every day up to election, I plan on fighting whether it be through words to make sure that the current group of miscreants don't get elected.

  2. Dave Stengel, Katie King, and Jim King are the last people that should tell us all about how badly they will be hurting because of the economic collapse and restructuring currently hurting this nation. Plum jobs for handpicked people. Just follow the money trail and you'll figure out who helped whom.

  3. I was just searching the skimpy, whimpy real estate transfers in the C-J database, when I saw a transaction dated 7/2/09 involving a buyer named Kathryn King for $400,000+. The (searchable) address listed for the transaction/tax bill is 3400 Dutchmans Ln. The "seller" was a King corporation. Is this part of the campaign shenanigans?

  4. Have you thought about taking before the Grand Jury?

  5. Anonymous #1 yes that is Katie's home now but no it is not part of the campaign allegations.

    In fact the media has focused primarily on the mortgage loan which is one part of the complaint but not the full picture. In short there were cash gifts given by Jim to Katie AFTER she announced her intent to run making her a candidate that are a huge part of the process s well.

    The cash gifts, given to Katie and then loaned by her to her own campaign, according to my research on the law clearly violates the $1000 contribution limit regardless of family ties.

    There in lies the problem. If Jim is allowed to win tis case then anyone can accept cash gifts from anyone elese and essentially "buy" an election. We cannot have this obviously.

    Anonymous #2 yep the grand jury should be involved but the Commonwealth attorney, admittedly a good friend of Jim King, has refused to seek a grand jury to look at it using the excuse that he is a prosecutorial agency and I am not a law enforcement agency.

    Though I have cited case history including the Ky Supreme Court on this issue he refuses.

    Granted there would be a conflict of interest considering the ties between him and King he still has the authority to request a special prosecutor from the Attorney General's office to look at this case.

    And yes he does have investigative authority to do his job why else would you have 8 investigators on the payroll at the Commonwealth Attorney's office?

    Dave Stengel is part of the problem. Jack Conway is avoiding this issue like the plague since he is in a Senate race and needs all the help he can get from the Democratic machine. Politics as usual and justice denied.

    But relax the fight goes on there are other ways to get at the truth and justice. They just want to make it harder. Tis ok I can play hardball. I will not go away.........


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