Monday, August 17, 2009


As we now know David Tandy has announced his intent to run for Louisville Metro Mayor. Anyone surprised? Certainly not me. Apparently he had to wait for a message from God. Why else would he have to annonce in Church. I find that funny really.

Are we so gullible to fall for the usual assumption that "God has led me to this decision and through His Grace and good will I humbly step up to serve the people of our fine City blah blah blah."

No those are not his exact words but it is the same old BS ballgame so many use today thinking we are so gullible that we will elect someone based on what a "good" Christian they are. Trying to convince us that it is God's will they do this not their own. It is insulting.

I mean the common element for many political hacks today is to stand on the pulpit, or in front of Church, and announce to the world what a great Christian they are and God will protect us all because of His Divine intervention and faith in the candidate.

I do not think any of us are so gullible to portray Tandy or anyone else as some great leader because they go to church. I certainly hope not.

The list of false prophets and hypocrites who use Church for their own gain is limitless. We cannot count how many people are in jail for crimes against us who are so called "good" Christians. The arrogance to think that we are that gullible is pathetic at best.

While I am a great believer in God, as I am not an atheist, I do wonder one thing.

Why, if we are to believe in the separation of Church and State, one of the most basic things that led to the creation of our great Nation, would you choose to announce a run for office in Church?

To try to portray yourself as some do good Christian who would never do anything wrong to hurt your fellow man is pathetic since the truth is often times so much different.

Considering how much Tandy has abused his office and the public trust we gave him is an insult to all of us from a so called "good" Christian man.

Abusing the public trust and our money for his personal gain, like using publicly paid employees for personal babysitters, or making a false impression of doing something by going to Cordish only to return with no information whatsoever, and yep we wasted more tax money paying for the whole thing, is a great example of looking out for your fellow man who has entrusted you to do so right?

Truly he should be indicted for using taxpayer dollars for his personal expenses alone. But I digress.

I mean if you believe in God, as I do, abusing that trust and using God as a crutch to do so is wrong. To hide behind God and use the church to further yourself in some political job is an insult to the intelligence of us all and could be considered by the Church blasphemous as well. Or maybe not these days who knows.

Great start to showing leadership and convincing us to trust you anyway right?

I am reminded of this.

Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.

Pretty basic Christian stuff isn't it Mr. Tandy? We are to perceive you as a devout religious man who would only do what is right and can trust you right? Using God's name or His church for self serving interests is the new Christian thing to do but sadly is not very Christian like.

I will be chastised for stating the obvious I know. I will never earn the trust of the Church or votes from the members for being so blatantly honest.

But isn't it the Christian thing to do to put God ahead of ourselves? I am a sinner I never professed to be perfect. I was born and raised Catholic and have spent a considerable amount of my life learning about different religions and finding my own way in this world as do us all. I pray everyday. It is a way of life. I do not advertise it for my gain. Most folks who know me would find it odd for me to spend so much time ranting on this issue.

I do it because I believe our religious beliefs are a personal choice. The relationshp between myself and God is not the same relationship I have on a personal level with anyone else. For Christians there is no higher calling than that of doing God's will. To insult the intelligence of those of us who believe in God by a shallow attempt to use Him for personal gain is wrong.

It is a pathetic display of trying to get an emotional response for votes.

I often wonder just how much separation of Church and State we have anymore? While we are guaranteed the right to worship as we please in this great Nation just what exactly constitutes the meaning of separation of Church and State?

If this basic tenant is to hold true, are we allowing this line to be crossed by continually allowing candidates to use the Church for political gain? If the Church is to be used for political purpose they must then ask themselves the simplest question. Is this God's will? If the Church wants to continue blurring that line instead of focusing on the message of God should they not be accountable to the same individual standards we all are?

Maybe we should revisit the tax exempt status of some churches and eliminate the free ride so many get because they purport to be one but opt to cross that line continually by allowing candidates to use "God's" house for political gain.

While my belief in God has shaped and molded me into the man I am today both morally and ethically I have also always understood one basic fact of separation of Church and State.

Give unto God what is God's. Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's. Is that really that hard to understand?

From now on Mr. Tandy when you waste our money for your gain, when you use the Church and God to preach for your personal gain not His glory, and when you continually violate the public trust you should ask yourself one question.

What would Jesus do?

I think you already know the answer.

Perhaps you should pray for forgiveness.

Just saying.........


  1. Once again, straight to the point and I couldn't agree with you more. The political arena is not in the church. Take that to the local government office or the closest VFW post ( God bless our VETERANS ) not a religious venue. Great work ED.

    Mark Mathis

  2. The Constitution was written in a church. Maybe we should void that document following your narrow thinking on the subject.

  3. lol David nice try man seriously.

    I would have no problem with David Tandy making such an important announcement AT a church. A church building is just that a building most of the time.

    To USE the building while it is being used at a time of WORSHIP to GOD is indeed a different thing altogether.

    After a Catholic reading in Church the reader always finishes with this is the word of the Lord. The parishioners always respond Thanks be to God.

    That is worship.

    How many go to Church to witness Tandy's word?

    I just cannot see myself stating thanks be to David Tandy as a religious experience sorry. It just isn't in the religious manuals.


    Thanks for the comments.

  4. To David S. -

    According to WIKIPEDIA, the Constitution was put together in the old Pennsylvania State House, now known as Independence Hall.

    Perhaps you can cite the church to which you refer. Or not.


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