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Seems like Jim King is trying now to stand up, 2 days before the KREF hearing and 6 months AFTER the charges, and play the "gee I was only trying to help my daughter card and didn't think it was illegal." King defends gifts to daughter The Courier-Journal .

The fact is I laid out this plan for him long ago most recently a month ago:

Louisville News and Politics: AND THE BEAT OF THE KING GOES ON....... Hell I gave him the advice for free. I should have charged for it since it is now his mantra.

The fact is that Jim King could have played the daddy card long ago and instead chose not to. Only now after the media has finally jumped on board this train wreck, special kudos to Andy Aalcock at WLKY for having the guts to tackle this first, does Jim King decide he must "be a man" and play for sympathy.

At this point why bother?

The KREF is intent on doing nothing, and actually based on the Steve Henry case laid out by Jake Payne over at, who believes anything will happen? The players are all political and many have professional relationships with each other so why would we expect justice.

Attorney General Jack Conway's own brother Matt Conway publicly stated he resigned as Katie King's campaign treasurer because he had ethical concerns. Joe Terry in December stated this whole thing would look fishy if the cash was given after Katie was a candidate and went on King's payroll immediately after the charges were filed to defend King clearly against his public statements.

Of course Jack Conway has decided not to get involved instead waiting for the suspect KREF to rule first. Based on precedent and public findings why would anyone wait on the KREF? Especially when the charges may include your own brother?

Seems like Conway has his priorities and they are to try to stay elected not do his job. But at the expense of your own brother? Throwing your own brother under the bus by leaving him hanging? Hell I would investigate anything and everything if my family was involved. Especially when running for office. In my world leaving your own brother out to dry is about as bad as it gets. But hey these are my opinions.

Of course Joe Terry is ex chairman of the KREF. Coincidence in trying to garner favorable opinions perhaps?

You be the judge I have enough on my plate right now.

Let's look at Sheryl Snyder.

A supposed "crackerjack" attorney who is an expert in campaign election law yet did not know he needed a legal advisory opinion before telling Jim King it was OK to give Katie over a hundred thousand dollars as a "gift" fully knowing that he argued to allow the exception of cash gifts from family members be allowed in 2000 as part of HB 750, a bill that was thrown out and not made into law. Now today he wants to perpetrate the obscene suggestion that cash gifts from family members are legal or should be?

What a farce. Of course Sheryl Snyder has argued cases on behalf of the KREF and with at least one of the board members who will decide this case. Another coincidence?

Spare me.

Let's not forget that Amy Cubbage represented King before Snyder did. If Amy Cubbage and/or Sheryl Snyder gave Jim King the go ahead to infuse cash to his daughter's campaign, clearly knowing the law was never changed to allow it, then they should be guilty of malpractice and essentially aiding and abetting criminal behavior.

Of course now the argument is switched to the First Amendment rights of the King's having been violated. I guess Snyder has to go that route since he has obvious concerns fighting the merits.


Additionally, everyone knows about the $10,000 "gift" to Katie made by Jim King in May, 2 months prior to the email he says justified his actions, and no action was taken on that issue either. Now the argument is that King customarily gives Katie that money each year as a gift.

Fair enough yet there are some questions.

One there has been no documentation proving this was a reasonable and customary transaction just the word of Jim King. Though he probably does gift this amount each year it still requires evidence especially considering he is the one the charges of impropriety are against.

Two the gift is allowable, and no arguments here, during the calendar year so why not wait until after the election say until December to gift this money and avoid this type of charge of impropriety?

Because the money was knowingly going into the campaign account again clearly violating the $1000 limit by ANY person who contributes.

On top of all that he waits until AFTER Matt Conway resigns before giving this cash infusion to Katie? Hell according to him he had every legal right as of July 16, 2008 so why wait until Matt is gone and King is named treasurer? Because he had to get her the money before the election and lost his cover. Then after the money was given and knowingly violating campaign finance law, while he was treasurer, he resigns stating it could be perceived as a conflict of interest being her treasurer.

And we are to believe he committed this unintentionally against all the evidence that screams otherwise?

The KREF findings state very clearly that Jim King was intentionally looking for a way to circumvent the campaign limits on page 12. They clearly state that it is beyond belief that King or Snyder, as seasoned politicos, would make their determination based on one line in an ongoing email exchange.

Of course that email clearly shows King was trying to find a way to give more money.

Then they concluded that this was not a "knowing" violation.

It defies logic or belief that King did not know it was a violation. It clearly defies logic and belief that Katie King is a sitting Judge that judges others while gaining that office through illegal means. It defies logic and belief that Jim King is still on the Metro Council and wants to be Mayor.

We will know more on Friday but I will tell you this. The KREF is intent on a small fine and a slap on the wrist but there is much more to come legally if they go that route.

Stay tuned.............

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