Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I received a response from the KREF and I will send copies to anyone who requests it. The story was covered by WLKY's Andy Aalcock tonight on the news. The video cab be viewed below.

The KREF stated that "Mr. King's e-mail exchange indicates that he was seeking a way to infuse money into his daughter's campaign knowing that he could not directly contribute funds."

This is a very telling statement as at the end of its conclusions the KREF states that they do not believe he knowingly committed violations even after admonishing him (and his counsel) for trying to use only the first sentence in the email exchange to justify their actions.

The opinion actually contradicts itself when clearly showing obvious intent then saying it was not knowingly in violation.

It gets no simpler.

Sadly, we now have a sitting Judge in Katie King who got that office illegally and is judging others for illegal acts. Something isn't right about that is it?

In the meantime I have asked for a continuance or for the KREF to withdraw in favor of a special prosecutor by the Attorney General Jack Conway being assigned.


Simple really. The County Attorney's office, led by Mike O'Connell, has requested a special prosecutor in this case from the AG. The County Attorney cannot prosecute due to a conflict of interest. They really do have one since they are tasked with representing any Metro Council member in a lawsuit. The fact that they recognized this and followed procedure regardless of politics is a breath of fresh air.

The correct procedure at that point is to ask for and get a special prosecutor assigned to the case through the AG's office.

The County Attorney's has done their job and I thank them for that. Meanwhile the Commonwealth Attorney's office on the other hand failed miserably in their job choosing instead to ignore their job in favor of politics. In my opinion anyway.

Sad but Commonwealth Attorney Dave Stengel's office refused to follow through with this and when asked why I was told I wasn't a law enforcement agency. When asked which one they would prefer I go to I was told they "do not give out free legal advice."

What a copout.

This knowing full well that that is why Stengel's office has INVESTIGATORS assigned and paid for. Of course being close friends with Jim King sure made it easy for Stengel.

One other reason I asked for a continuance.

While I have taken many hits throughout this whole ordeal, and frankly attacked by those supporting King who did not do the research or check information, the fact is that I do not believe the King's should be punished twice for the same crime.

In short, the KREF can fine the King's and that is pretty much it based on their statements. The AG's office can prosecute and gain a criminal conviction. It would be unfair to allow both at the same time.

It is for this reason I decided to ask for a continuance so the AG can do their job and prosecute. In the event they do not then the KREF can get involved. To do both is unfair.

I always strive to do what is right and fair....

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  1. 1 word says it all for Kings Mayor chances...OUCH!


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