Wednesday, September 2, 2009


CORDISH: Chris Thieneman will be holding a press conference/rally Thursday morning at 10:30 am at 4Th Street Live where he will announce his planned lawsuit against Cordish and the City of Louisville over open records violations. If you have been as angry as most of us in the way this whole thing has been handled make plans to attend on Thursday morning.

The more people the more our voices get heard. Thank Chris for standing up for us all in this regard.

MAYOR'S RACE: The Mayor's race is about to get under way with no Republican candidate announced yet. Or is there?

According to inside sources Councilman Hal Heiner will be making his announcement on September 15. Why so late? Rumor has it he, along with a couple others to be named later, were waiting for Pence to say no as most have assumed he would for some time. Though not official yet Pence has been leaning against a run and tis is a credible rumor at this time.

And oh yeah King is still under the gun in a variety of investigations dealing with his personal financing of Katie's Judge campaign. And let's not forget David Tandy who, well, what really needs to be said after the whole Cordish debacle and his babysitters being paid by our taxes.

METRO COUNCIL: When Hal makes his announcement for his Mayoral bid there are at least 2 people waiting in the wings. Jerry Miller and Kaven Rumpol.

Many of you know of Kaven through his work on behalf of charitable gaming and being a local small businessman. Kaven is also Vice President of the Small Business Alliance, Vice Chairman for Kosair communications, and an active donor and participant in the D.A.D.S. organization that works with Down Syndrome kids, a worthy event I am proud to know of, and be involved in myself. Kaven is a friend and my personal favorite in this race admittedly.

It will be an interesting year to say the least.

FINALLY: Rumor has it John Flood is now working in the Solid Waste department for Metro. You may recall Flood, a convicted felon, and husband of Metro Councilmember MaDonna Flood, reached a plea deal against the wishes of many in the community that in essence allowed him to retire rather than face charges against him for perjury.

Well apparently he did not retire and continued in his role at IPL until they finally had to reassign him because of backlash from their own people. If so the guy never went without a paycheck and once again politics circumvented law and accountability. And we wonder why I am so hell bent and determined to make folks like King and Tandy accountable?

I am working on verification now so anyone with information please write me or call me at 742-8519. We must stand up against the abuse of our public trust in our elected officials.


  1. Wasn't John Flood with the health dept?

  2. Pete Flood, John Floods nephew, is employed by Solid Waste as a Recycling Officer and has been for many years.

    In other news Schreck has announced that he is leaving at the end of the month

  3. Thanks for the comments folks. To my knowledge Pete Flood is with Solid Waste but that is known. I was told that John Flood was moved there and that is what I want to know.

    Schreck has no choice with Jerry going soon he has no cover.

    Thanks folks.


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