Friday, October 16, 2009


How many times can you keep making dumb decisions and still try to appear the best choice for a Mayor? I don't know but King keeps adding them up.

The Courier Journal just put a story on their website by Andrew Wolfson, Jim King asks lawyers to grade judge daughter The Courier-Journal, where Jim King is asking for attorneys to rate his daughter highly. Why in the world would he be involved in this idiotic thing at this time.

Let's look at recent history shall wee?

Both Jim and Katie King were found guilty of illegally funding her campaign. Some will argue that the violations were considered "non-knowing" and they did not mean any intentional criminal acts. Unfortunately, most have not seen ALL the evidence though I have put plenty on this site.

The facts are that this case is not over by a long shot. There are so many glaring problems with the KREF decision that this is not going away anytime soon. I guarantee it. As the guy who brought this to the point we are at there are many other things that will be revealed in the coming weeks. But I digress.

Why would King even allow himself to be put in a situation that is ethically questionable at best and downright stupid at worst? Who in the world is his campaign advisor or do they have any control over him at this point. Of course many in the know will tell you King controls everything and does what he wants when he wants regardless of others opinions. But hey that is his prerogative.

The greatest comment in this article is one Katie herself made:

"Judge King said that she didn’t know her father was sending the e-mail and wouldn’t comment on it, other than to say “it wasn’t necessary, because my record this past year speaks for itself.” She added that her father, a certified public accountant, “is not a member of the bar and was operating outside his area of expertise.”

Why is this statement so funny? Simply this.

During the interviews with her while this whole KREF investigation has been ongoing Katie has consistently let Jim take the lead. Jim's public statements are that he told Katie taking the money was ok legally.

And she said ok and accepted the illegal gifts.

Um Katie?

Why would you now throw daddy under the bus and accuse him of working outside his area of expertise since he IS NOT a member of the bar because it may hurt you, yet you were so willing to rely on his opinion, OUTSIDE his area of expertise to fund your campaign?

This is yet one more reason to question everything the Kings are about. They do what they want because they think they can and it is up to us to make sure they cannot.

Many have asked how they can help stop these people.

There are many options but first and foremost: GET INVOLVED.

Help campaign for opponents when they run against them, donate money to opponents so they can compete.

I can use the donations myself. Donate money through paypal on the link at the top left. I continue fighting this fight without which no one would ever know any of this. So help me help us all.

Or not.

But make sure you remember this stuff when you vote. Our future depends on it.

Your thoughts?


  1. This wss on the CJ web site - reportedly jim King had some "spousal issues" (81-CI-002347; 88-CI-005556)

  2. Thanks anonymous. I have known about these charges for quite some time and have been actively trying to get hold of the info from the case numbers you posted. Seems they have disappeared or were expunged. At this point I am still searching.

    If I can verify I will let you know.

  3. The definition of anonymous is coward

  4. The funny thing about your comment is obvious. You posted it anonymously. sheesh

  5. it was on in an example that my comment is meaningless...


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