Thursday, October 8, 2009


Tonight's MyViewMatters Radio Show featured Metro Council District 9 challenger Patrick Duerr. Mr. Duerr is running in the Republican Primary for Councilwoman Tina Ward Pugh's seat.

The economy was a major topic of conversation and the show is a must hear.

Listen below!


  1. I'm still for Ward-Pugh, but I was impressed by how serious and thoughtful Mr. Duerr's answers were to some very hard questions.

    I, too, called for a much quicker response by the city in cleaning up after the flood, but
    Mr. Duerr pinched a nerve with me when he said Ward-Pugh's discretionary money that went to public relations could have paid for it.

    I'm involved with the Louisville AIDS WALK, one of the causes that has benefited from her discretionary funds, and I think it was a bit of a trivialization to use the term "public relations" to describe where her funds went.

    That being said, I'll tell you where I thought the money should have came from- The, um, Rainy Day Fund. Oh that's right, it's being used as security on some stupid hotel thing and we can touch it. Are we ever going to be able to fix that btw? lol.

  2. I would agree wholeheartedly that the funds should have come from the Rainy Day Fund but sadly no one is even sure how much it is or what we can do to access it. Reports vary from $68 mll-over $90 mill.And of course Abramson knows where it is etc.......

    As far as his comments about public relations I spoke with Mr. Duerr after the show and he essentially just meant that the discretionary funds are for use throughout the whole district for ALL citizen concerns.

    The use of "public relations" was essentially pointing out the fact that a lot of Council Members spend their discretionary funds in ways that benefit them for reelection not necessarily for the best needs overall for the district.

    Hope that helps clarify and thanks for the comments Curtis.


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