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UPDATE: Rick Redding over Louisville Mojo had a great link on the story about Herndon. Check it out. Kudos Rick. http://www.tastymojo.com/LouisvilleMojo/photos_news/Herndon%20--%20Signed%20Notice%20to%20Dismiss%20Action%20I.pdf (warning pdf file is 24 pages long)

You know it is becoming a daily habit of having Jim King's name involved in something illegal or unethical at best. Take this Courier article by Joe Gerth for example:

Ken Herndon you may recall was running for the Metro Council 6th District seat held by George "do nothing" Unseld last year. Herndon ran a strong campaign and was defeated in the primary by Unseld. One of the contributing factors for this loss most believed at the time involved a mailer sent out by an "anonymous" source that purported to show a picture of Ken Herndon at a gay pride parade and said "this is the type of life he lives behind your back."

The photo was altered and Herndon claimed he was never there. I, for one, believe him.

It was one of the lowest most pathetic personal attack mailers I personally have seen used against an opponent for office. Ken Herndon filed suit, hired investigators, and did everything he could to find out exactly who did this as he should have done. I myself was contacted by an investigator in regards to this mailer. I was asked about different political people and what I may know about them and their possible involvement.

At the time there were many rumors and speculation that Jim King and Denise Bentley were involved. Bentley, who worked on George Unseld's campaign and a friend of the King's, and Jim King himself were pressuring Herndon to get out of the race in favor of Unseld. It didn't happen.

So what to do then?

Simple discount your opponent as some homosexual who lives a disgusting lifestyle and make sure families were sickened enough to remember it. While Herndon felt he did not have enough evidence to continue the suit he still points at King as being involved.

Many I speak with today still believe Jim King and Denise Bentley worked together on it. In my opinion I do not think it is a far fetched idea considering what I have reported on Jim King, the other things I have uncovered during research, and people I talk to who deal with him daily.

Even Matt Conway, King’s former chief of staff, saw a copy of the mailer in King’s Metro Council office seven to 14 days before it arrived in mailboxes. In an affidavit, Conway said he saw only the side of the mailer that displayed the photo of Herndon and didn’t attach any significance to it.

Conway, you may recall, also resigned being the treasurer for Katie King's campaign because of ethical concerns.

King of course denies ever seeing the mailer.

If I had to choose who to believe it would have to be Conway.

Seriously, a lawyer who would lie in an affidavit over something like this? A lawyer who resigned over ethical concerns while working in a prominent position for a Judge candidate?

Conway could have written his own ticket if he played ball. He could also lose his license to practice law if lying in an affidavit.With so much to lose or gain what does Conway have to prove here?

It just does not add up. Conway by his actions has proven so far to be a man with integrity.

King in so many of his actions finally being uncovered has not.

For Ken Herndon I hope he stays in politics and runs again. Every piece of feedback I have gotten on him says he is a man of integrity and we need people like that in office.

While we may never be 100% sure who actually mailed this garbage out and defamed Ken Herndon one thing is for sure.

Jim King sure does seem to have his hand in many shady dealings and apparently the list is growing.

Your thoughts?


  1. So by this statement "Simple discount your opponent as some homosexual who lives a disgusting lifestyle and make sure families were sickened enough to remember it. While Herndon felt he did not have enough evidence to continue the suit he still points at King as being involved." you're saying gays and lesbians are disgusting? Sure sounds like it. I don't even think Dick Chaney would agree with you on this one.

  2. Actually no far from it. After rereading the post I should have stated "the intent appeared to be to simply discount....."

    Personally, I feel Herndon had enough evidence to force the issue and wish he would have to help prevent this kind of disgusting campaigning from happening again.

    I have many friends who live the gay lifestyle and would never even think of labeling them as disgusting.

    What goes on in your bedroom is your personal business not mine.

    Thanks for pointing out the way this could have been misinterpreted. My apologies to anyone in the community.

  3. We're a year from the election and I'm so tired of hearing about Jim King it's not even funny

  4. That's a very good reason to send Jim King packing from the Metro Council. Let him run his bank and do his own personal pursuits. I'm tired of hearing about him, his daughter, and his want of a legacy of telling us all what to do. It's time to send him back to his old business so he can stay out of our business.


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