Monday, November 2, 2009


What not to do when your dad is Mayor: According to the CJ Male High students suspended for vandalism The Courier-Journal several Male students were suspended for vandalism to Manual High School.

Seems Jerry Abramson's son was one of the students involved. Why a story?

According to sources this is not the first time Abramson's son has been in trouble with the law.

There are reports of him getting pulled over for speeding while driving a City car and a few other things along the way. Considering all the speculation on Jerry Abramson and a few encounters he himself has gotten away with it would seem the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Ford votes down concessions: Ford UAW employees voted down the latest concessions asked for by Ford by a hefty margin. Seems 84% of those who voted (approximately 82% turnout) decided enough is enough. While the employees are getting bashed over on the CJ comments section the real question is this.

Why does Ford need yet a 3rd concession vote on the contract ratified in 2007 when it was announced today they had a $1 BILLION profit for last quarter. Ford negotiated the contract and approved of it where is the backlash for them wanting to reopen it every few months.

The employees of the UAW have given enough. Kudos to them for having the guts to stand firm in these trying times.

Conway says just the facts Sir: Apparently AG Jack Conway took some offense at the CJ for a story they wrote and which he claims the allegations were not factual. Conway: editorial based on ‘factual errors' The Courier-Journal

I have called Jack Conway out myself on occasion when I felt it was necessary but the facts are the facts. While I like the reporting Andrew Wolfson does over at the CJ, a rare admission I admit, I have to agree with Conway on this one.

Finally Jim King should just go away: I hate to even have to write this but it is necessary. It seems some people are under the delusion that I, or some phantom friend, supplied Joe Gerth over at the CJ with the divorce files of Jim King so they could report them.

I admit openly I have tried to get those files for almost 2 years now, including most recently the day before Gerth reported on them, but sadly I have never seen the case files nor has anyone I know seen them. If they had I would have either ignored the story or run it myself. Each time I searched the files were not there (kind of interesting to say the least considering I first checked into them almost 2 years ago).

Considering all the backlash I receive daily because I do not shy away from the controversy, does it really seem logical I need someone to hide behind or do my dirty work?

The allegations against me are hilarious at best. But I will say this. ALL divorce records are open records including Jim King's. While the charges of abuse are something I believe should be reported, and according to some sources these claims are more recent than just the ones in the 80's, the facts are if King was not a politician most would not even care or be aware of them.

I also see a positive side to this as well. Anything that helps bring to light domestic violence, regardless of who the players are, is a good thing. So many are too scared to move forward with claims it is a cycle of abuse that goes on and on.

How you treat others goes to the heart of who you are.

So sorry to disappoint you folks but this one wasn't mine. Kudos to Joe Gerth.


  1. Why do divorce records bother you so much? NONE of your business! That's what I think.

  2. What business is his divorce records to you?????

  3. lmao. On a personal level I believe ALL divorce records should remain private unless you are running for office and in this case King is.

    Divorce is not a pretty thing I grew up in a broken home. My parents divorced. I also got married as young as King and never have I abused my wife of almost 27 years. Yep same wife.

    Bottom line while I would agree divorce cases as a general rule should remain private I also believe when you want to represent we the people sometimes cases like this lead us to develop a sense of the character of what our candidate is really like.

    Quite frankly, you reap what you sow and unfortunately for King this is just the beginning. There are many reports of abuse of women through sexual harassment in the workplace and beyond in the years since this divorce and it does not paint a pretty picture.

    You should be happy. I have not reported those.

    Yet anyway.

    Thanks for the comments.

  4. I apologize that I just read this article.
    I really do not have an opinion on why, or if the divorce of Jim King is pertinent to his campaign. It is alarming that he sought to keep information from the media, but he eventually did the right thing and stop protesting the release of such information.
    There is another issue here, and that is the fact that Joe Gerth has done nothing but seek to personally attack Jim King- and you give him kudos for it.
    What is even more troubling is the motives behind C-J's reporting...

  5. Thanks for writing anonymous and no apologies.

    I appreciate the fact that you are reading now. I will answer your questions this way. Look at my above response and you will see there are many reports of abuse, sexual harassment, and beyond in the years since the divorce cases.

    This lays out a pattern of behavior. I have spoken with many in person who have dealt with this behavior from King but sadly they are scared to go on record for fear of retaliation from him.

    It amazes me how many are scared to go on record because of fear. King is a bully and you don't back down from bullies. Or I dont anyway.

    Joe Gerth has not been on a manhunt against King in my opinion he is just finally doing what he does. Reporting on candidates during an election is his job. Gerth and I have not always agreed on much but he has been very consistent in this regard.

    I stated kudos Joe Gerth to say to those who keep thinking I tell the Cj what to print that they are wrong. Kudos means thanks. So thank Joe Gerth for this one, good or bad, not me.

    Thanks for writing and reading.


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