Thursday, November 5, 2009


As announced the MyViewMatters Radio Show started simulcasting tonight with Kentucky grassroots Radio online! With the new addition of simulcast we now reach worldwide literally. This gives us the chance to get into more content not only locally, but Statewide , and National issues as well.

Of course this also means we reach a larger audience and now is the time for advertisers to jump on board one of the fastest growing local shows on the air today!.

With that in mind we introduced a new member of the show. We now have an on site reporter for events around town and he will be going to events during the show around town and getting feedback from the people at these events on topics of the day. You never know where he may turn up so let us know what events you have going!

The new on site reporter is a familiar name to many. Paul Holliger is Operations manager for the STOP I.T. organization (STOP Invisible taxes), the operations guy behind the Independent tipline at (502)410-1009 and now on site reporter for MyViewMatters Radio.

We hope these changes will be to your liking and we hope to get enough advertisers to expand the show in the near future to a 2 hour segment and possibly a daily show. SO remember to advertise with MyViewMatters Radio and help us get your message out!

Tonight's show centered on Healthcare with Republican Mayoral Candidate Chris Thieneman and U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul campaign manager David Adams.

Chris is sponsoring and moderating the Healthcare forum at Valley High School this Saturday November 7 from 10 am-12 Noon. Rand Paul is the featured speaker and it is a great opportunity to get your voice heard!

I look forward to seeing you there so drop by and say hi. Thanks to Chris and Rand for making it possible for us to get heard.

On with the show!

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