Saturday, November 7, 2009


Valley Station that is. Rand Paul came to Valley High School in Louisville today to speak at a health care forum moderated by Republican Mayoral candidate Chris Thieneman. I admit I was unsure of what the turnout would be since it was on a Saturday morning and many folks were tied up with sports games and activities with the kids.

I should not have wondered at all.

Approximately 275-300 people showed up eager to check out Dr. Paul and hear what he had to say. When interviewing people on the way out it appears they were not disappointed.

Chris Thieneman opened the event with a speech and stated that 'the issue may be argued in Washington but the bill will effect each and every one of us in a personal way," thus setting the stage for Dr. Paul.

Dr. Paul laid out his thoughts and his plan for fixing health care in America in a precise clear cut manner almost anyone could understand. He spent a great deal of time discussing how capitalism would help make health care affordable and how we would benefit from it. He compared term life insurance to health care in a way that was easy to follow.

Most of which in my opinion made more sense than anything I have read or heard so far. Believe me that is saying something.

Chris did a great job moderating and proved he is ready to handle the onslaught of being in the public eye and most certainly did his best to make sure everyone understood they would be heard.

There were notables in attendance besides myself of course.

Senator Dan Seum was there along with candidates for office: Brian Simpson candidate for 46Th District State House. Patrick Duerr candidate for Louisville Metro Council District 9, Marilyn Parker candidate for 3rd District House, and several with exploratory committees.

Republican 37Th District LD Chair Wade Hurt, and my radio co host, partner, and former Libertarian Candidate Ed Martin were there as well.

I found no one who was disappointed by the event whatsoever and in fact found that this event was attended by folks across all political spectrum's. Of course there were Republicans and Libertarians there. There were also Democrats, Independents, and Grassroots supporters from all across the City.

And that folks was what we need and Valley Station delivered today. A broad spectrum representative of us all in an environment that had pure open honest communication. Whether you liked the message, or the messenger, is irrelevant. This was an example of what together we can accomplish.

Dr. Paul did not disappoint. He did not shy away from any questions nor did he tell anyone what they wanted to hear. He spoke for about 30 minutes then spent the next hour and a half answering questions from anyone who wanted to ask them.

He also did not ask them to show their ID to be heard like our elected Congressional folks did over the summer.

Nope this forum was exactly what it was billed to be. A frank discussion on health care with an openness and frank question and answer period with no strings.

If this is what Rand Paul has to offer I admit I like it. We need people that will listen and tell us the truth regardless of whether we like the answers or not.

Chris Thieneman job well done by helping bring Dr. Paul to Valley High, and for moderating the event, for this discussion.

Dr. Paul job well done by taking the time to answer all questions with no caveats.

I believe we the people finally got the chance to at least be heard.

Whether you support Rand Paul or not one thing is clear.

I now know why he has surged ahead in the most recent polls. He is willing to allow himself to be open and honest. In politics that is a rare sight to behold and the one thing we should all demand from anyone running for office.

Pay attention in the coming months this will get more interesting to say the least.


  1. I am so happy to know there are at least some who are willing to listen. So much has fallen on the wayside.


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