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I have been watching this development closely concerning the PRP firefighters and was waiting to see if the moron Abramson would actually try to pull this off. Apparently he has decided that the voters in PRP do not matter and he will take care of his buddies regardless of what we want or say.

After the people who live in the Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection district went to the polls on September 19, 2009 to vote for a representative on the fire board, the votes were counted and verified that Michael A. Priddy, Sr. won with 47% of the vote in the three candidate race. The PRP Fire Protection Board of Trustees certified Michael A. Priddy, Sr. as the winner and sent his name to the Mayor for nomination to the Metro Council.

Seems simple enough doesn't it?

Of course not. Not with Abramson's regime.

The Mayor ignored the results, as he always does when he cannot control the outcome, of the public election and has nominated his own appointment, Rosemary Mattingly (a political insider), who has no firefighting experience and is the former legislative aide to Councilman Bob Henderson.

Henderson, as you may recall, is one of Abramson's rubber stamps and his Legislative aide Larry Mattingly and Henderson also were charged in the whole MSD fiasco brought about by Sarah Lynn Cunningham. Not to mention the deals that were made last year so Henderson won his seat by default. Wonder where those players are now but I digress.

Rosemary Mattingly was also part of Henderson's staff. She and her husband Larry were indeed making good money off our taxes.

Vicki Welch of course then fired her LA Steve Clark who now, yep you guessed it, moved into Henderson's office as his "inside" LA while Larry Mattingly is now a "field" LA. Louisville News and Politics: DISTRICT 13 COUNCILWOMAN WELCH DISMISSES HER LA

Can anyone say huh?

Metro Councilman Doug Hawkins sent an email blast to his constituents notifying them of this behavior. He and Michael Priddy, SR will be on the Francene show on 84 WHAS at 10 am. to discuss this situation.

The Hawkins email states: “The Mayor is positioning himself to take over PRP’s fire taxing district, which has a multi-million dollar budget,” says Councilman Hawkins. Further, the Councilman fears that the Mayor will take the tax dollars (and the fire equipment) generated by this fire district and place them in other areas of town.

Hawkins is correct. This has been a problem most in the community have been expecting for some time. Simply, the Mayor would gouge the County funds and spend them recklessly in other areas instead of where they are intended to go.

How else can you try to justify ignoring a vote of the people, by the people, and for the people? take the vote aside and compare firefighter relevant credentials.

Michael A. Priddy, Sr. is a former firefighter injured in the line of duty and forced to retire from the fire department because of his injury.

Mattingly experience for the job? Nada. Zilch. Normal for Abramson appointees. Have we had enough yet?

Abramson needs control of the fire district money now more than ever to hide his shortfalls. We in the County pay additional taxes for our fire service and Abramson is not entitled to it.

The Metro Council meets on Wednesday, December 9 at 4:00 PM to discuss Abramson's appointment of one of his favorite political insiders.

Please attend and tell the Council NO.

Write Abramson and tell him it is time to go now. He needs this now before he leaves office (and yes he is leaving before the election).

Do not allow him to screw the volunteer fire departments or the residents of the community who depend on them.


  1. IF this story is exactly as represented, then Abramson CANNOT do another appointment above the 3 that he has already (presumably) done.

    KRS 75.031 makes it crystal clear that 4 of the 7 members have to be ELECTED. Abramson has ZERO authority to override an election.

    This guy Priddy better be lawyered up to the hilt! It's PAYDAY!

    KRS 75.031 governing Fire Ditrict Board of Trustees

  2. The story of Michael A Priddy Sr. really touched my heart and ignited my fire this morning. The SUBERFUGE that is present here is appalling. The guy is a real American hero. Priddy seems to be a hard working man in it to the end.

  3. These huge budgets need to be taken away from these volunteer foundation saver groups. All fire houses should be manned by professionals, not these foundation savers. If it weren't for these groups we would have had merger 10 years earlier and we'd be rid of Abramson by now.

  4. South Ender....If you are going to quote law, read it first.
    I looked at KRS 75.031. Did you read the last two sentences in 75.031 (1)(A)? It says..."In the event of a vacancy in the term of an appointed or elected trustee, the county judge/executive shall appoint with the approval of the fiscal court a trustee for the remainder of the term, except in a county containing a consolidated local government." Louisville is not a consolidated local government.

    There was a vacancy in the elected property owner seat. Because KRS 75.031 (2) states time, date and location of elections to the fire districts boards. PRPVFD had an election (according to KRS 75.031 (2)) on 4th Saturday in June between 11 am-2 pm. The election was not certified by the current PRP Board of Trustees, thus creating a vacancy in the property owner seat. It appears the Mayor is not doing anything but following the law. By the PRPVFD Board not seating a winner in the election from the 4th Saturday in June, PRP (by law) is not authorized to have a second election. Thus the appointment by the Mayor was by law and should stand.

  5. You should check the state law governing the PRP Board of Trustees before you start to rabble-rouse the public.
    There wasn't a "decision" to "ignore" the election results as you are portraying it. Under the law -KRS 75.031-1(a)- the election can only take place in June, and as such only once a year; making the September election itself illegal. Mr. Priddy didn't even win the original June election, which the Board itself nullified because of illegal calls made in support of a candidate.
    Also under provisions in KRS 67C.139, the mayor of a consolidated government- in the event of a vacancy, which the original June election didn't fill- can appoint a person to serve out the remaining term.

    I am by no means a fan of the Mayor, in fact far from it, but he is well within his statutory right to appoint someone to the board because of the failure of the Trustees to ensure a legitimate election. While you can comment abound about the Mayor's decision to choose someone other than the "winner" of the second, illegal is still his choice to make and his power to excercise. At this point, Mr. Priddy's election can amount to nothing more than a suggestion and one the could be suspect because of the original June elections illegal call situation.

    This is yet another attempt by a certain few to incite the community with misinformation and lies about the truth of the situation, in an effort to show some implied wrong-doing.
    The email blast sent by Hawkins just illustrates this point of using fear tactics for political gain.

  6. I say file a legal complaint or civil suit against the 1st election winner for voter fraud at the very least.

    2nd the person who took the appointed seat should step down and allow the election result stand (it would be the grown-up thing to do...its not yours... time to give it back) Now that you know there was an election the right thing to do would be to allow the results to take place. This whole "I swore to uphold" bullshit is politics for "I ain't giving nothing back".

    Hullabaloo indeed. Maybe the mayor could pony up and Declare the elected guy the winner since no one has been made anything official yet. Think the mayor will do that?... hell no. She can go back to being a council members wife.

  7. CXS and Anonymouse -

    You boys are WAAAAYYY outta your league on this issue.

    CXS: WHERE in the KRS does it specifically preclude a 2nd election? And since you wrote that "Louisville is not a consolidated local government", then the COUNTY JUDGE has the sole authority to make appointments to the fire board, not the Metro Mayor. (You said so ... just look at what you wrote! Whatta dipshit U R!)

    Anonymouse: WHERE in the KRS does it specifically preclude calls made on behalf of a candidate? My gawd, man, calls made on behalf of candidates is an American tradition and institution! Damnocrats do it ALL the time!

    In Kentucky, if a State Senator or Representative position becomes vacant there are SPECIAL elections to fill that vacancy. Kentucky just had 2 special election on Dec. 8, 2009!

    Damn, boys, why are you so willing to thwart the will of the people in this matter? This position is that of the PROPERTY OWNERS rep to be chosen by the same. Abramson already had appointed 3 of his cronies to this board.

    And you putzes want to allow him to APPOINT him a 4th crony on a 7 member board?

    So, boys, since the BOTH of you have indicted the PRP Board of Trustees for IMPROPERLY doing their job, would you also like to initiate REMOVAL action under KRS 75.031 (b) and (d)?

    I didn't think so. That's because you're both PUTZes! And the both of you are up Abramson's anus!

  8. South Ender???...You seem to be a very angry know-it-all.
    You simply don't understand the law. If the KRS says that something "shall" happen it must be done. Not “maybe or sometimes or even on occasion” but be done to be legal. The KRS says the election shall be on the 4th Sat. in June each year. Since there is no wiggle room on the date, time and location of the election the first election must stand or be challenged as anonymous stated.

    Also in the enabling merger legislation it states that all references to County Judge/Executive now rest with the Metro Mayor.

    Get your facts right…..your out of your league!

  9. The first election was invalid because a Poll worker (and Mayor Appointed PRP Fire Trustee) contacted the guy who won the first election 1 1/2 hours before the polls closed and informed Mike Ford (the Incumbent) that Mr. Priddy had just voted, as did a bunch of his supporters and that if he wanted to win this election he needed to get some more people to the polls or he is going to lose. I believe this would be called Electioneering and if you do that at a poll while the polls are open you have violated a state law.

    I wonder why a prosecutor hasn't even pursued legal action against the Mayor Appointed Trustee who committed the crime of electioneering. He caused this mess in the first place. He should probably be removed from office and let Ms. Mattingly take his place, and Mr. Priddy assume his rightful place.

  10. Dear South Ender,
    Per your request...

    "The elective offices of members of the board of trustees shall be filled by an
    election to be held ONCE each year on the fourth Saturday of June between the hours
    of 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m...." KRS 75.031(2)

    Looks pretty clear cut that the statute EXPLICITLY states that there can be only ONE election, precluding the possibility of a second, and you say that I'm the one who is way out of my league? At least I can read the whole statute and understand what it means...doesn't seem to be something you can do, and your ignorance of the situation and the law governing it is quite evident.

    I have every respect for the "will of the people", and that respect demands that the election results are legitimate...they were not. We can only work within the law, and it states clearly where the authority lies in the matter....get over it. Don't like it? Lobby your Reps and Senators to change the law...that is how our form of government works. That is how you get the change that you want.

  11. CXS - where is your proof?!

    You can't even get your KRS assertion right, you idiot!

    KRS 75.031 (2) says "The elective offices of members of the board of trustees shall be filled by an election .... " You are such a PUTZ! It does not say what you wrote above. LOOK IT UP numbskull!

    Where is the reference to the "enabling legislation" that you claim as the basis for your insipid commentary? You're winging it bunky, no proof, just empty rhetoric.

    Also, WHY did you fail to address the obvious next step: Bring the Board of Trustees up on charges for failing to do their due diligence?

    If you are 100% behind this power ploy by Abramson as being "legal", and since you seem to think that this process is "legal", then the next "legal" thing to do is to charge the Board of Trustees with misfeasance for their failings to follow the law.

    Your defense of the Board on this matter suggests you have personal motives in defending this mess.

    I agree with Anonymouse #6: the S.O.B. that deliberately tainted this election should be hanged out to dry and brought up on criminal malfeasance charges!!! And IF this clown is one of Abramson's appointed trustees as is claimed, then it becomes mandatory to remove this P.O.S. under KRS 75.031 (b) and (d)!

    BTW ... You're still a PUTZ!
    Happy Hanukkah to you and Abramson!

  12. The person responsible for the tainted election #1 is Bill Higdon, who is a Mayor appointed trustee. He admitted to the charge an open trustee meeting following the violation. These facts are recorded in the board minutes.

    I guess now all the Mayor needs to do is get one person from every board to taint all the fire board trustee elections. Then he can take over all the boards throughout the county. Heck why stop there... Take over all the fire board all accross the state.

  13. South Ender....

    Please don't get so angry, I would feel bad if you stroked out over this.

    Obviously you don't know state law. The enabling legislation for the merger of Louisville and Jefferson County is found in KRS 67C.

    You can read it; I am tired of doing your research. You have a hidden agenda, not me.

    Nite all!


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