Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Thanks to Rick Redding over at for this article:

Anyone who has had tattoo work done knows Charlie's is the premier of the industry so it is pathetic to see how the business is being targeted by the IPL Abramson gestapo.

I was in Charlie's the day he opened the Preston location. I was with the first customer at the new store on Preston and was thrilled to see someone finally put a business there that would last awhile.

So was the City at that time.

Tattoo Charlie's has been a mainstay of Louisville it seems like forever. Charlie himself was a jovial guy who loved what he did and was customer friendly. I never saw him when he wasn't laughing and joking with customers. He was a great testament to how one should act when doing business in the public eye.

No one I know ever had a problem or complaint with Tattoo Charlie's. Not only did I have my own work done at Tattoo Charlie's I refer anyone and everyone I know that is getting a tattoo to go there. I admit I am biased because I truly think they have been a great part of the City and have set the standard for anyone in the business to follow.

So I have to ask why now?

Is the City that hard up they have to attack an employer and business in this City that has brought National attention? Rick Redding asked the obvious question:

Why have Louisville zoning code-enforcement officers issued a citation to Tattoo Charlie's to "cease immediately using this property" on Preston Highway?

There is no logical conclusion at this point.

The Preston location has been around since 1992 and has never had problems. Zoning idiots, I mean officials, changed the laws in 2000 to make it necessary for a Tattoo place to be zoned C-2. The location is C-1.

Instead of grandfathering Charlie's in like they do just about anyone and everyone else they choose to take this route. And they do this a decade AFTER they change the rules. It makes no sense and is just one more example of what is wrong with our planning and design department.

They arbitrarily enforce what they deem to be the rules for that day against who they deem to be a problem. Apparently now almost 10 years later they decide Charlie's at that location is a problem. Considering it is MaDonna Flood's district and we all know about her felon husband John being IPL Chief at one time one wonders if they have anything to do with this.

We will soon know.

In the meantime these idiots at Planning and Design continue to make the rules as they go along instead of enforcing them consistently. Look at JAVANON, JBSwift, the list goes on and on.

In the meantime we all have to suffer from this idiocy.

Just saying.


  1. Jerry's definitely sending mixed messages to the creative class now. Didn't red7e say our possibility city supposed to be a place where you can get a girlfriend with a tattoo on her butt?

    Seriously-I'm calling for the termination of any government official enforcing stupid regulations against our cities few remaining employers. Whose with me?

  2. Now lets see if you put up another blog saying they got it right, after receiving a complaint about Tattoo Charlie's (and 10 other tattoo parlors) an investigation was done and found that their business was good to go? (including the other Preston Hwy tattoo parlor.)

  3. I would like to know what the reasoning is for tattoo establishments being restricted to C2 zones is to begin with? They are no different than a beauty shop , barber shop, art studio, nail salon or a tanning establishment. As a matter a fact a licensed cosmetologist with proper training can apply permanent make up in a beauty shop, which is tattooing. If you ask my opinion it is a form of discrimination targeting and singling out a particular group of individuals.


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