Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have been bombarded with email about Brian Simpson's Facebook page showing vulgar comments supposedly posted by Brian himself. Not only do I know Brian on a personal level, I also know him on a candidate level and quite frankly this poor attempt to discredit him just proves exactly what is wrong with some people when it comes to elections.

Simpson is running for House District 46. Larry Clark's current seat. Someone from Clark's campaign, Clark himself, or a supporter apparently decided it would be cute to hijack Simpson's Facebook account info and post the following derogatory comments.

Check them out yourself but fair warning the language is graphic:

Simpson has been at work all day at his day job at UPS. I spoke with him and he expressed outrage at this blatant attempt to disparage campaign and his character. He has not been available to even do this kind of stuff if he wanted to.

Here is the press release from Simpson:

Press Release from Brian Simpson concerning his Facebook account.

As many of you know I am a current candidate for KY House District 46 challenging longtime incumbent Rep. Larry Clark. Today while at work I was notified of some serious comments being posted on my public facebook page. These comments were derogatory and sexual in nature and certainly were not put there by myself.

I am outraged at the blatant attempt by either Larry Clark or one of his supporters to assassinate my Campaign and my character. I once was told that "when they attack you they know you are credible." Apparently the Clark campaign is worried.

These type tactics are just one more reason why we need fresh faces and new leadership in our elected officials. The people deserve better than this type of campaigning.

I am writing to let the people know that I have no knowledge of who did this at this time nor would I ever sink to such a low level in campaigning.

Rest assured I am doing everything I can to determine who illegally broke into my account. It is an insult to not only current supporters but anyone who dares rise up to accept the challenge of public service. More importantly it is a disservice to the voter who expect our leaders to be above this fray.

The time for these types of personal attacks by opponents are over. It is time for fresh leadership.

Brian Simpson
Candidate 46th House District


  1. "...Someone from Clark's campaign, Clark himself, or a supporter apparently..."- Um, or maybe a 9 year old neighbor kid? People get hacked all the time, but when Brian does- it's a conspiracy? PLEASE! Are all his goofs going to be blamed on Clark from here on out, with the "vote for poor Brian" angle? Whatever happened to the"I"m a grown up and I'll do a better job using the internet machine"-angle?

    I will tell you this, if it was a self-respecting political strategist that cracked his password, you wouldn't see his facebook status changed-triggering him to change his passwords. Why would they risk giving up access to his private stuff, probably they could get to his email and banking records, too. Why would they deliberately trigger a password change, and lock themselves out of that cool info? Nope- this was a kid, with a sense of humor that he has two grown men unrelated to the situation wasting their time arguing about this.

  2. I am quite sure it was not a 9 year old, however, someone contacted Simpson by phone and told him it was Larry Clark. thanks for writing.


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