Monday, December 21, 2009


I have to say this much. Tyler Allen is tech savvy and that in itself is a good thing in today's day and age of the internet. Last week Tyler reached out to bloggers and started a weekly broadcast to give everyone an opportunity to get to know Tyler Allen. Many of the local political bloggers receive weekly invites to attend in person and ask any questions. Though last week there were some technical glitches (expected for a new venture) this week seemed to go off without much of a hitch.
The one problem?

The timing may not be inclusive enough to attract a large audience of live guest bloggers. The event is on Monday mornings at 8:30 am and for many of us we have other jobs we do and are time constrained. One suggestion I have for the Tyler camp is to perhaps change the time of the livestream and see if more can fit it in their schedule.

With that said I have to say I enjoyed being there today. New Content Editor Rick Redding of was there along with co-founder of Louisville Mojo guru Keith Ringer, and John Springston the Louisville News and Politics Junior reporter.

Tyler never ducked or dodged when asked the tough questions and was informative in his answers. For the record Keith asked Tyler about light rail (which I am an advocate for) and Tyler agreed it was an option.

When asked about his position on gambling by Louisville News and Politics own John Springston, he said he would have no problem allowing a ballot initiative giving we the people the right to vote for it. And before anyone asks why this is relevant for a Mayoral race, since it is a ballot or State issue, Louisville will be the greatest beneficiary of this if it comes to pass so it is important for the Mayor to be at the forefront or involved in the issue.

John also asked Tyler how he would make Louisville a better place for economic opportunity for the youth of Louisville who leave now for greener pastures elsewhere.

When asked about the stigma of being a candidate today with the expected backlash from the discontent of federal policy he never flinched.

When asked about how he would overcome the critics who have painted him as some sort of a one horse pony due to his 8664 stance? Tyler discussed the benefits of 8664 economically and what it would do for the inner City. He outlined what 8664 brings to the table and it is not what people have been sold by biased media (hear that CJ?) the whole 8664 thing goes above and beyond what has been portrayed to date. It goes to the heart of economic stimulus and opportunity.

That is what Tyler brings on the Democratic side. Forward thinking.

Bottom line?

Pay attention to this race Tyler is the real deal and not a one trick pony. Do yourself a favor and check him out. You can hear the audio here:

Your thoughts?

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