Monday, January 25, 2010


It is official: Election Candidate Filings - Edward W. Springston, Candidate for State Representative

For a long time now I have been asking, in some cases begging for someone credible to stand up and run for House of Representatives in my District 28. I stated I would not even think about the race if someone credible would just step up. It did not happen so as of today I am officially a candidate for the 28th District seat for State House of Representatives.

Many thought I would run for Mayor but I stood by, as I said I would, in hopes that someone credible would step up and they did. In this House race no one credible has and though time does not officially expire until tomorrow I went ahead and filed today.

The current Rep. Charlie Miller actually is someone I know on a personal level. A good person? You bet.

A good leader? Not so much.

Mr. Miller has been in office since 1998 and I have to ask one question. Are we better or worse off?

Understandably Mr. Miller does not work alone but I have seen no concensus building nor evidence of anything that has benefitted our District or our Commonwealth. While I applaud Mr. Miller for being involved all these many years, and think of him highly on a personal level, he just has not gotten the job done after 12 years in the House.

Education has gotten worse even with Mr. Miller's background as a Principal, jobs have been lost with none replacing them, and no one has stepped up to the palte to address issues that we all feel are relevant.

In keeping with my own personal commitment that term limits should apply equally, with a maximum of 2 terms or 8 years total in one seat, then it is time to run again.

Many of you know where I stand on issues and what I am about.

I understand there will be attacks agianst me and my character forthcoming. You cannot do what I do without expecting it it's just the way it is. In this case I feel it is critical to take the next step and run in this race regardless of the hits. We the people in District 28, the City of Louisville, and the Commonwealth as well must stand together now and unite against those that oppose the will of the people.

I have never run from the hits before and I will not now. It is that simple. I have stood tall against the machine and I am still here.

You will see throughout this website that I have not run from promises made. I promised to work towards cleaning up corruption and openness and transparency. I have embraced that promise and have worked diligently each and every day towards that end. Check out this website and listen to the MyViewMatters Radio Show for proof.

It is because of the many hurdles and hardships I have dealt with along the way that this run is necessary. The bureacracy and the power of those entrenched have fought against the very things that we the people have been asking for. It is time someone stood up and said enough is enough.

We will no longer be ignored. 

I have had to become a writer, an investigator, a spokesman, an activist, a researcher, and even a "barracks" lawyer, all in an attempt to bring the truth to we the people in hopes of changing things for the better. Instead I have unconvered layer after layer of bureacracy and red tape, and corruption that knows no bounds. The law and the machine have been slanted to ignore the will of the people in favor of the will of the elected.

It is time to end this.

It is my sincere hope that I earn the vote of each of you in District 28 in the Republican primary. Once that race is over I hope to continue to earn your vote in November to help rid ourselves of stagnant leadership and work towards a better tomorrow.

On with the race I look forward to meeting each of you.


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Yours truly,
Ed Springston


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