Wednesday, January 20, 2010


MyViewMatters Radio Show tonight was topic oriented for a change. Of course the beginning of the show inlcuded the normal banter from Ed Martin and myself but today was a great day politically to talk about!

Senate Bill 80 the "transparency" bill made it out of committee and will now go the floor for a vote. Led by State Senator Dan Seum and Mayoral candidate Chris Thieneman, along with Metro Council candidate Kaven Rumpel and myself, it has been a year in the making and about time it gets to be heard.

Additionally, Senate Bill 53, a bill that allows semi-open primaries in Kentucky, led by Senator Jimmy Higdon along with Independent Kentucky's own Michael Lewis, passed through committee as well. This needs to pass so all independents get an equal voice in primary elections as well.

These two bills will go far towards advancing Ky to the 21st Century for a change.

Oh yeah, I also announced my intent to run for the 28th District House of Representatives seat.

Tonight's guest was Mr. Paul Ham owner of the Professional Group.

Mr. Ham specializes in food quality testing and you will be amazed at just how far behind the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the USA in general is when it comes to testing measures. Over 76 MILLION people get sick each year from food illnesses and 5,000 die annually.

This is something that can be greatly lessened if we just work with modern technology and force the issue.

My thanks to Mr. Ham for bringing this issue to light. You can listen below.

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