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You know sometimes it is comical watching supposed top notch lawyers try to cover their butts when caught in obvious lies. Thanks to the spin in the Courier by Joe Gerth Bill would limit what candidate could spend The Courier-Journal I have to write this and lay it out.

Larry Clark being true to form has filed legislation without even knowing the law.

He has been led down a path of outright lies by the KREF assumedly initiated by their favorite son Sheryl Snyder. Clark apparently bought the lie without checking out the facts and put forth HB 214 a bill that would supposedly make the law clearer in regards to campaign gifts given by family members to candidates running for election.

He even used the King case as the reason why we need this unnecessary legislation. In fact he is wasting our resources in trying to help cover up a scam.

Apparently the KREF and Snyder are trying to cover their butts since they both got burned on the Jim/Katie King case I have been pursuing for over a year and found a gullible ready, willing, and able partner in Clark.

The KRS statutes already clearly address this issue. Read below:

KRS 121.015(6) ‘Contribution’ means any: (a) payment, distribution, loan, deposit, GIFT OF MONEY or other thing of value TO A CANDIDATE, his agent, a slate of candidates, its authorized agent, a committee or contributing organization…

KRS 121.150(6) No candidate, slate of candidates, campaign committee, political issues committee, nor anyone acting on their behalf shall accept a contribution of more than $1,000

The law is clear. The real problem is not the law it is enforcement of it. And that falls on the
KREF who is tasked with the administration of the law.

Why is this then a problem for Snyder and Cubbage of Frost,Brown,and Todd?

From the CJ article:

Sheryl Snyder, the Kings’ lawyer, welcomed the legislation, saying that it would have saved his clients time, money and trouble had the law been changed before the 2008 election.

“If the statute had been clearly written so people knew what the rules were, the Kings wouldn’t have made the gift, wouldn’t have had the ensuing litigation expenses, much less the criticism,” Snyder said.

Yet Snyder defeats his own argument again. The law is clear as shown above but Snyder himself had personal knowledge that it was illegal.

In 2000 Sheryl Snyder and Amy Cubbage argued on behalf of the KREF for House Bill 750. This bill essentially would have made allowable under law exactly what Jim King did. The problem is that the bill never passed.

Snyder and Cubbage LOST which proves that they KNEW what Jim King was doing was illegal.

Jim King has stated over and over that his attorneys advised him that he could "gift" this money to Katie thus setting the stage for where we are now.

The KREF itself acknowledged that King was openly trying to circumvent the campaign limits especially after Amy Cubbage contacted the registry in June 2008 a clear month prior to King's self serving email. So naturally they have some guilt by coming to the "non knowing" conclusion they used to take the easy way out.

The reason this case continues in the manner it is really comes down to this very simple problem.

If Snyder and Cubbage told King he could gift this money then they facilitated a criminal act knowingly and willfully. Using this logic King has grounds to sue the hell out of Snyder and Cubbage of Frost, Brown, and Todd and he should do so immediately. The innocent should never be treated this way. They should be disbarred over this fiasco they created.

If they did not tell King he could do this then King would also be guilty of perjury.

The KREF itself has loads of guilt here. They did not show supporting documentation in many of the things they disregarded and did a poor job overall of an investigation. Hopefully, the Kentucky State Police can do much better. The KREF is not a well equipped investigative agency with little to no training or oversight.

Either way at this point the KREF itself can bear no responsibility for the King's criminal behavior. That responsibility lies with Jim/Katie King and Frost, Brown, and Todd's Snyder and Cubbage.

Yes there will be charges brought against Sheryl Snyder and Amy Cubbage for criminal facilitation. I will file them myself including bar charges.

This has to be done to prove who is lying and get to the truth. There will also be additional charges against Jim and Katie King as well.

There have been rumors already being talked about that there was collusion in regards to Snyder and the KREF in this matter. They are being investigated as we speak with charges forthcoming if proven true.

The mistakes by these clowns keep piling up.

Bottom line. This will not go away.

Oh yeah before I forget. Larry Clark has got to be the dumbest Rep in the House for falling for this BS without checking the facts first.

Stay tuned...........


  1. How come no one has yet to file to run against Katie King? She IS up for reelection for the 30th Dist./16th Division.

  2. Good question Larry. I beleive some will and will file late as to avoid any of the negatives King and cronies like to use on opponents. Add in the fact that King has demonstrated he will spend what it takes to buy the election many are fearful of getting hammered because they cannot compete.

    Stay tuned and have faith someone will step up....

  3. You're the one who doesn't check the facts Ed. You're too busy patting yourself on the back for something you had NOTHING to do with. And by the way, the "facts" will show you can't even get the name correct for their law firm. You spend more time digging for something that's not there because of your own insecurities and incompetency. The First Amendment gives me the right to speak my opinions, too, so here you go. If you had a meaningful life of your own, maybe you wouldn't have to try to discredit others that have done well for themselves and are a hell of a lot smarter than you will ever be. Your opinions are just that - opinions, not facts. Get a real life and do something constructive for a change. You have to be the biggest wanna-be in the state.

  4. Gee anonymous if only you would have sent this to me sooner I could have saved myself...LMAO

    Apparently you wouldn't recognize facts if they hit you in the face.

    The FACT is I had everything to do with this. I brought about the charges. I am the one who pursued and fought the case against arguably the best attorney in the State in this regard. Oh yeah I beat Snyder which resulted in the highest fine imposed in memory against Jim and Katie King.

    I proved the case. I beat them period. Not bad for someone who had nothing to do with the case and don't recognize facts. LOL

    The FACT is that Snyder and King have public statements on record that conflict each other making the case which means one is lying.

    Inconsistencies and incompetency? LMAO. I am so secure in myself I put my name on everything I do knowing there will be some idiot like you who will hide behind anonymity because of your fears and insecurities of putting your name out there. Forgive me if I find your charges laughable at best.

    Now since we both know who you are "anonymous" next time use your name or better yet use your first amendment rights and start a website of your own so you can get your voice heard.

    By the way here is the law firm official web page:

    Dang I got it right after all what do ya know.

    See ya!


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