Friday, January 8, 2010


Ok everyone knows I am not Jim King's biggest fan. Apparently I am a hot topic for other bloggers as well. You can click here and see these comments for fun Jim King On Reporting $1 Million This Quarter.

With that said this is not my story but I wanted to pass it along to you the reader who keep demanding more on King.

Curt Morrison of Louisville Courant wrote this story and did the research Louisville Courant: Jai Alai History Day. It is an interesting story on how Jim King fits in to Florida crime and the movie The departed. In Curt's words:

Now, how does Jai Alai relate to the Banker Jim King, his bid to become Louisville's next Mayor, and even the movie The Departed? Ah, so glad you asked. Let's go chronologically and I'll let you draw your own conclusions even!

Curt also raises many questions some of which are:

1)Who did Jim King buy Peoples Bank from?
2)Why is it socially acceptable to be the CPA to a crook that owns the same weird gambling facilities that were previously owned by a mobster until they found him in a trunk?
3) W. Bennett Collett- perhaps King's biggest client? Want to know more about him-who remembers the 70's?

So dear readers who have been following the debacle that is Jim King go to and weigh in with Curt.

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