Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As many of you know the MyViewMatters Radio Show has started working on airing debates the first of which is scheduled between Metro Council District 19 candidates Kaven Rumpel, Jerry Miller, and Daniel Osborne.

This debate is scheduled for March 10 live on air and ALL 3 of the candidates have agreed to it. Kudos to them.

What is interesting is that everyone we invite to debate have been invited on the show including Hal Heiner who was on the show here: Louisville News and Politics: MYVIEWMATTERS RADIO SHOW W/ HAL HEINER

Hal Heiner was contacted about debating with Chris Thieneman on air for the Republican primary race for Mayor and REFUSED. Thieneman readily agreed.

Why the refusal you may ask?

Well apparently, according to his campaign manager Joe Burgin, Heiner decided that I would be biased in favor of Thieneman because I have publicly said I support him for Mayor. I have had Hal on air when he was begging for air time and he admitted I was fair and he had a great time telling me he loved the show.

I made it clear to Hal Heiner months ago that regardless of who wins this primary the winner would have my full support for the General election for Mayor. With the exception of Tyler Allen on the Democratic side no Democrat is worthy of the office in my opinion.

I gave Hal time on our show to speak with listeners about his plans for Mayor, was gracious throughout, fair, and Hal even readily admitted he enjoyed the show. the focus of our show has always been and will continue to be to get the message to the people and let them decide who to elect. Period.

For the record I also made sure Heiner's camp knew the only involvement I would have with this debate is scheduling it. We pay for the show out of our pockets, mostly Martin's pockets, for the people and do not have a staff to do these things for us. I do all the scheduling for the show as part of my job with the show.

I told them point blank I would not be moderating or involved beyond the scheduling of the date/time..

Heiner has not spent one dime advertising on the show or helping fund it yet he has received the benefit of getting his message heard to the listeners with no strings attached. Now he is scared to debate accusing me of some bias towards him?

If this is the "leadership" we face in Hal Heiner than I must rethink my position on whether to work with him and support him if he wins the primary.

To hide from debates on arguably the number 1 show in the time slot with a political format is well just cowardly.

After agreeing to use someone else for a moderator besides me and still balking because I scheduled the day of it? it does not speak well of Heiner or his handlers who are showing fear. I guess it is time to start looking at Heiner closer and seeing if he really has anything to offer.

To say I am disappointed in this potential "leader" would be an understatement.

Your thoughts?


  1. Dear My View Matters,

    Interesting scenario shaping up because Mr. Heiner did an interview on Kentuckiana GrassRoots Radio on this past Monday night.

  2. I highly doubt Heiner was "begging for airtime" on your show.

  3. Why would Hal want to debate Chris? He will practically crush Chris. I won't be surprised if Heiner enjoys crushing Thienemen by an even larger margin than Anne Northup did back in primary-08?

    Rand, Chris, and Ed,... your view officially will not matter as of May 18th.

  4. Anonymous #1 no situation there at all.

    Anonymous #2 He wanted air time early and we gave it to him.

    Charlie: LMAO love the fake site name you put up and the usual rant by you now under yet a different name. I think you do a disservice to Charlie though by using his name this way. I know Charlie on a personal level and he has more class than that.

    Have fun with it :-)


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