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This is the Monday roundup enjoy!

MONGIARDO/CONWAY: What does it say when Louisville's own Jack Conway doesn't get the endorsement of the entrenched Louisville politicians? In many minds it says plenty. Dan Mongiardo has racked up about 50 endorsements here in Louisville that can be viewed here: We are the (Mongiardo) World WHAS11 Louisville, Kentucky and Indiana News Political Blog It would appear that even the Louisville Democratic Party is getting sick of the same old business as usual or maybe Louisvillians are paying attention to the politicians that seem to be playing with the Jim King case after all.

You can hear Lt. Governor Dan Mongiardo live this week on the MyViewMatters Radio Show Wednesday night at 7 PM on WKJK 1080 AM. It is simulcast as well at Ky Grassroots Radio as usual. The call in number is (502)571-1080.

SPEAKING OF KING: I have unashamedly been bringing the truth to the people about Jim and Katie King for almost 2 years now but even I didn't care for the CJ article today. As many of you know the "grades" on Louisville judges came out 3 weeks ago and Katie failed the test, which surprised no one I know, so why did the CJ decide to use it as a story today? This was relevant 3 weeks ago but to report this now 3 weeks later makes people think you really do have an agenda. 4 district judges score below average in Louisville Bar survey The Courier-Journal

KING PART 2: Has anyone been paying attention to the "endorsements" King has collected? Does anyone care? King has collected endorsements announced today from the likes of folks such as "can I stay awake long enough to listen to this legislation before I vote on it" George Unseld and Marianne Butler.

Unseld of course was the beneficiary of the personal gay attack on Ken Herndon that Jim King was reportedly involved in. Louisville News and Politics: HERNDON DROPS LAWSUIT AND IMPLIES JIM KING INVOLVED

The attack mailer involved most likely cost Herndon the election. Bob "rubberstamp and I have no ethics " Henderson endorsed as well among others. Pretty telling for a guy who bought a Judgeship, and is trying to buy a Mayoralship as well, that the best he can get in my opinion are corrupted officials to endorse him.

COUNCIL DISTRICT 19: The UAW has endorsed Kaven Rumpel for Metro Council District 19. Once again it seems the unions are finally opening up to outsiders from the Democratic political machine here in Louisville. A Republican in a local race getting an endorsement in a primary is very telling. Kudos to the UAW for finally opening their eyes to newcomers.

This makes 2 separate unions that have endorsed a Republican candidate in a primary this week. republican candidate for State House District 46 Brian Simpson received the Teamster Local 89 endorsement last week as well.

I will be working on some legislation in Frankfort part of this week so forgive me if things get a little sparse. I will update as I can.


  1. Are you saying that because King is the frontrunner in the mayor's race that Louisville’s democratic establishment is upset at Conway because he appointed a prosecutor to investigate King? I did notice that Jeff Barr and Larry O’Bryan are listed among Mongiardo’s 50 endorsements. If I’m not mistaken, Barr is a loan officer at King Southern Bank and O’Bryan is King’s campaign consultant.

  2. First off a R will win district 19 no doubt about it, so if the unions are going to endorse anyone it's going to have to be an R. The D is like 19 years old anyway with little experience to run on.

    Second, I'm not sure how much weight any union endorsement means in District 19, that's were the management lives not the union workers...

  3. Actually anonymos I was referring to information from a recent article from here I did: though it may be possible that the establishment is. King is not the front runner and the only question for now is simple.

    Will this case be in the Grand Jury's hands before the primary election or will it be after the primary and before the General election.

    It will be in the Grand Jury's hands during thiselection cycle so the Dems have to ask themselves if they really want to try to keep the Mayoral seat at this point.

    IF this is not decided once and for all before May there is a chance that King will be indicted before the General election in November and that will create all kinds of turmoil for the Dem establishment. trust me Conway wold like this to go away as well but I simply will not allow that to happen.

    Thanks for writing.

  4. I agree Torsk a Rep will win District 19 regardless which in my opinion makes the endorsement of a Rep by the union a huge thing. The UAW could have opted not to endorse as they have on many occassions in other races and chose to endorse anyway.

    Was this a way for the union to send a message? Who knows but the bottom line for some is that it was a bold and unusual step to take right now.

    Thanks for writing.

  5. OK, so if King’s not a viable candidate as you say why would it matter if he faces charges before or after he loses the primary? How would that affect the dems keeping the mayoral seat?

    And If Conway wanted this to go away why did he appoint a prosecutor to keep it going? Maybe you’re giving more credit to King than he deserves. Or less? I don't know. I just don't see the Mongiardo/Conway connection. Maybe that's because I view Mongiardo as the establishment and Conway as the outsider. Mongiardo’s been in Frankfort for a decade, Conway only two years.

  6. I have met the Democrat who is running in district 19 when he knocked on my door this week, I have met also two of the Republicans who are running in the district and heard the third one on your radio show. I am a life long Republican and I think Mr. Chelf -The Democrat- definitely has the best ideas. He is very involved in the community. Apparently he is on the Bourbon Ball's board which benefits the KY Museum of Arts and Crafts, he is involved with the Eastwood Community Council, owns his own home, and runs a very successful business. I think that any 22 year old who has that much going for them deserves our attention. He isn't just some kid who doesn't have any experience. I would argue that he has just as much relevant experience as the other candidates.

    He has a plan to build a new library, the other candidates who are even talking about it just say we need a new one in the area but how they are going to get it done. He is concentrated on the future and working with our next mayor to put Louisville on top, rather than Rumpel who when I heard him on your show all he talked about was what Mayor Abramson did wrong, not what he was going to do as our councilperson.

    While it is a Republican leaning district Democrats have done well out here. Tony Lindauer carried several precincts and the Dems who have run for the state house have gotten around 30% of the vote running very limited campaigns. We just haven't been given the opportunity to vote for a quality, serious Democrat in a long time. I find it funny that people who think that Republicans have a chance in the south end against long time incumbents would dismiss a serious Democratic candidate who is running for an open seat in the east end.

    I would also say shame on you for not including Mr. Chelf on your show in a few weeks. People should get to hear all the candidates before they make up their mind.

    JC Fisher

  7. Regardless of who the UAW endorsed, I am proud to drive a Ford and not a Government Motors car.

  8. Anonymous Conway had no choice but to appoint a special prosecutor. Legally his back was against the wall and he should have done it sooner honestly.

    Personally I look at Conway and Mongiardo both as establishment. Conway has spent his whole life in and around politics shaping him into who he is now.

    Thanks again for writing.

  9. JC

    First of all Tony Lindauer has been in politics for a long time and is a recognized name which certainly helped pull some votes. He did not come in as a first time candidate. In my opinion to compare Lindauer to Chelf in a race, especially one for 2 very different positions and responsibilities, is apples to oranges.

    Secondly, to argue about relevant experience for a 22 year old versus those 40 and above is no argument. While I commend Chelf for getting involved and trying to make a difference this is a mute point. If he can deliver his message and the voters believe he is the best for the job then great. They decide not me.

    Third, I don't know why you have decided to use the tone you have and frankly don't care but I will explain our rationale for the readers of this site.

    It is primary season and the debate is scheduled for Republican primary opponents in District 19.

    Chelf is a Democrat and if Chelf had a primary opponent he would be invited to a Democratic debate against his opponent. He does not so this is a mute point at this time.

    Our show goes out of its way to give a voice to all who seek it but we are limited in how many people that will entail. With one hour a week the options are limited to what our listeners want and we will always adhere to that.

    Anyone in a primary today will get first choice until the primaries are over. That is as fair as we can be with limited time available.

    We would love nothing better to give time to everyone right now but air time costs money. We put our money out and pay for the show ourselves to allow voters to get as much information as they can and be as informed as time allows. How many people do that?

    The people of Louisville have been asking someone to do it and we stepped up to the plate.

    You are always free to advertise or donate to the show so we can fund more air time. In the meantime there has to be some sort of priorities given this late in the primary season and Mr. Chelf just does not qualify as a priority right now.

    In the meantime my integrity is above reproach.

    Ed Martin and myself have created a forum for candidates for political issues that this area has been lacking for quite some time. We have had no caveats, or demands, for anyone who wants to appear on our show. We have reached out to one and all in giving them a voice.

    We have a waiting list for people wanting air time and have since last year when we started the show. If Chelf wanted time prior to now he could have asked for it. We could have scheduled it. Now we are focused on primaries until May.

    Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents have all been represented on our show. All have commented on how well they have been treated on the show equally and fairly with no biases.

    To insinuate otherwise belittles yoru intelligence at this point as our listeners continue to contact us daily and thank us for allowing all a voice.

    From a business standpoint we have to enforce some guidelines until the primaries are over.

    And that simply means candidates who have primaries will get first shot at air time. Our voters will be forced to make a decision on who they want on the ballot in November and we will give them as much help as we can to let them make an educated decision.

    Mr. Chelf is already on that ballot and his time will come later.

    To imply that we have not been above board and/or have integrity problems or any other nonsense leaves me no choice but to say shame on you for not taking time to understand where we are at.

    Have you ever listened to the show at all? Perhaps you would be familiar with names like Mike Slaton, Tyler Allen. Both Democrats. As a matter of fact both first time candidates as well.

    A simple question through here, email, or phone would have sufficed. Hope this addresses your concerns.

    Thanks for writing.


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