Friday, February 26, 2010


In answer to all the requests yesterday I restarted my "Ed's Rants' at my political website you can check out here:

I ranted about the need to move beyond the divisive issues and get serious about the problems before us. An article today in the CJ is exactly one reason why we need to move ahead. You can check it out here:

House Democrat Speaker Pro Tem Larry Clark sponsored House Bill 368 that will tax any wagering made online or phone on horse racing. According to Clark this will add up to $400,000 a year in revenue though the Commonwealth's own Legislative Research Commission cannot even verify this because of no data to support the claim.

No one has a clue how much, if anything, it will create so Clark pulls a number out of the air and his buddies approve it? More importantly what gives these so called "leaders" the right to tax us on what we do in our own homes with our internet or phone service!

Why pass this tax? Because they could.

How long until they decide they want to raise potential revenue by taxing us for say paying bills online? Or the old rumors of charging fees for all email?

Therein lies a huge problem for myself. How long before they tax me for having a website for you guys to read or charge you the reader for each page read? That wold sure help them control freedom of speech wouldn't it?

We must begin to get serious on ousting the politicians who think they can continue finding yet new ways of financing their problems by taxing our personal habits in our own HOME.

What do you think?

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