Thursday, February 4, 2010


It is with great sadness that I must report that ex Governor, and current Senator Julian Carroll, has finally went off the deep end. I am not sure when it happened, or why, but Carroll obviously does not know what being an American is all about. I submit the following for your review:

What else can be assumed based on his statement basically stating that if you do not like the 2 party system then leave America. With some reports estimating as many as 60% or better of registered voters identify themselves as independent regardless of party designation how can this Senator say he does not care what they think?

DO we not elect our Congressmen to represent ALL constituents in our Commonwealth?

Do we not expect them to recognize we may have differences but it is their Constitutional duty to represent even those that oppose them equally and fairly?

Apparently, Carroll thinks not and has proven with his asinine statements exactly why the outside world looks at Kentuckians in many ways as redneck hicks. We must rid ourselves of these dinosaurs like Carroll who have nothing to offer Kentuckians anymore but obstruction and a 1950's mindset.

To accuse someone or group of citizens who just wants to be allowed the right to vote in a primary election so their voice is heard of being anti-American then telling them they need to leave the Country is just ridiculous.

Perhaps Senator Carroll would like to add up the total cost involved for a primary vote then divide that number equally per person of each registered voter in Kentucky and give ALL registered independents a refund of that tax money.

Independents pay taxes too and they fund the election process as all of us tax paying citizens do. With this in mind, Carroll thinks he has the right to tell them they are un American and leave the Country? There is nothing more American than being allowed the right to vote in every election regardless of your registration designation.

Senator there is nothing in my Constitution that states this is a two party Country or Commonwealth. As a matter of fact the same people you want to disallow from the election process are the same individuals who pay you for your service.

It would seem Carroll is not alone in this distorted view of the facts. Many Democrats do not like this and the vote on SB 53 was split along party lines. Big surprise huh?

For the members of the House, are you listening Darryl Owens and company, remember this is a chance to correct a wrong and many throughout the State will be paying attention to your vote and handling of this.

With this display by Carroll, is it any wonder myself and others are no longer Democrats? The Democratic Party of old does not exist. If Julian Carroll is the spokesman for today's Democratic Party then the Party is even worse off than I imagined.

The days of dinosaurs and elitist attitudes by elected leaders must end and it must end now.

Carroll just showed why.

Your thoughts?


  1. I just saw this on the local news and was absolutely appalled at the insensitivity that Carroll displayed. He is the worst of partisan politics and needs to be replaced pronto. I consider myself independent (registered Republican) who would have often voted democratic in a primary if it were'nt for such an archaic rule that prohibits me to do so. I am so tired of the partisans choosing a candidate for me. Carroll, who I will neither call Mr. OR Senator simply because he in no way deserves that respect after watching and listening to his tyrade, should be voted out on his can next cycle.

  2. I agree totally. Carroll not only told what most think but has shown exactly why we must elect new people and weed out the old. Thanks for writing

  3. Who is his rival?

    I want to donate against this dude.


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