Saturday, February 6, 2010


Many of you have been writing and asking me for updates on the King situation and I have to tell you I have been busy with other priorities so it has taken awhile to update.
My sincerest apologies.
The picture above is very telling considering that Frank Mascagni went on record speaking for County Attorney Mike O'Connell about sending me some phantom letter I have never received Louisville News and Politics: YES IT IS TRUE: CRIMINAL CHARGES FILED AGAINST KING ATTORNEYS
Gee what a coincidence that Mascagni and O'Connell are friends huh?
Here is a recap of what has been going on:

It’s been 631 days since King gave his first illegal $10,000 contribution.
It’s been 458 days since King gave the last illegal $50,000 contribution.
It’s been 358 days since I filed my KREF complaint against the King's.
It’s been 156 days since I filed the King criminal complaint.
It’s been 127 days since Hart Megibben was appointed special prosecutor.
It’s been 109 days since I filed the Grand Jury Packet.
It’s been 47 days since Hart Megibben asked for a KSP investigation.
It’s been 15 days since I filed criminal charges against King attorney's Cubbage/Snyder
…… and we’re still operating in the blind with no results.

Rumor has it that Katie King dismissed a DUI case for lack of probable cause last week even though the defendant violated traffic laws, admitted to smoking marijuana just before driving, and the lab report tested positive.

I am going to pull the court video because King reportedly even admitted on the record she doesn’t know the law. The defense attorney was one of King’s main campaign sponsors in her recent fundraiser, Rob Eggert.

Seems to be a habit of Katie King showing favoritism to her friends and donors instead of partnering with police as she campaigned on doesn't it?

I have also been told that none other than Governor Steve Beshear's office contacted KSP a month ago and told them to stop the investigation into the Kings. Of course, this is just a rumor but it sure does make sense considering everything has come to a complete stop.

My best guess is that O’Connell, Megibben, the KREF, the KBA, the KSP and possibly the JCC might be trying to work something behind my back. I honestly don’t know but the silence is very suspect.

For the record I have never been contacted by the KSP as part of this investigation nor have I been contacted in any way to date by County Attorney Mike O'Connell in response to the criminal complaint.

Investigation? Doubtful.

Coverup? You be the Judge.

So this is where we are at today.

A word of warning to all agencies involved. I told each of you long ago this would not go away quietly and I meant it. We will have justice even if that means taking on the Governor himself and his crony Abramson.

Yes I know all about the ties to Cordish, Greg Fisher, United Electric, 4th Street Live, and a few other things that are going to be outed soon. You should never trust your inner circle when you screw them all as a habit. Hear that guys?

And yes this includes personal habits and names of some "acquaintances," including a local one, as well as hangouts and people he "hangs out" with (Indianapolis and New York ring a bell?) of a certain elected official in this group.

The time for games is over you will do your job........


  1. "Seems to be a habit of Katie King showing favoritism to her friends and donors instead of partnering with police as she campaigned on doesn't it?"

    While she shouldn't be showing favoritism to defendants for any reason, she shouldn't be "partnering" with the police either. It's her job to judge, not takes sides.

  2. I agree totally. She stated during her campaign she would "partner with police and stop the revolving door" and yet she continues the revolving door for friends and supporters.

    Either way it is wrong but her doing it is hypocritical as usual. There is no shame in her.

    thanks for writing.

  3. Rob Eggert may be a friend of Judge King, but he doesn't have any money to be a "main campaign sponsor" And when did they put videotape in District courtrooms? Voice recording, last I knew (several years back)

  4. He is listed as a sponsor along with the others so he would be considered a "main campaign sponsor" as sponsors are advertised. I did not mention whether he contributed any money or not.

    In the context of the story however as a friend of Katie's it does apear she allowed that to show favoritism on his behalf for his client. Time will tell as you verify the friendship in your comments.

    Thanks for writing I appreciate it.


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