Saturday, February 6, 2010


This election we must ask ourselves one basic question.

What have our current candidates seeking our vote been doing to improve our State and City of Louisville?

My record is clear and on record for anyone. Browse this site and you will see for yourself.

I have been in the lead fighting for transparency and accountability supporting SB 80, fighting for our children and charitable gaming, fighting for our Police officers, firemen, and EMS. I have been the voice for the voiceless. I work with neighborhood groups such as Citizens for Better Metro Government.

I have supported independents backing SB 53 for their right to vote in primary elections.

I have stood at the front leading the way by involving myself with groups such as STOP I.T. and the independent tipline, fought MSD with their outrageous rate hikes that affect each of our ability to eat and provide for our families.

I have been working alongside Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians. I have proven I can get things done working in a nonpartisan way reaching across all political lines and establishing open communication.

I have been in Frankfort working on legislation to benefit us all and working to STOP the stalemate of party lines.

In short I have been working for each of us for years NOT just during an election season.

What have my opponents been doing on your behalf? None of the above.

It is time we quit taking people serious that show up for elections while doing nothing in between to better our way of life. The time is now to work towards a better future. Pretenders that show up for elections and not working in between show the very basic reason we need change.

Leaders lead from the front not the rear. I will always lead from the front for each of us.

I ask for your support and vote to continue the fight at the next level for all of us.

You can contact me at the info below with any questions, comments, or contributions:

Ed Springston
7707 Trillium Drive
Louisville, KY 40258

Thanks for being involved!


  1. Out of touch much...........there is no City of Louisville any more.

  2. It is all City of Louisville. They call it Metro but what has happened to the County?

  3. Ed, don't forget the work you have done on behalf of the employees of IPL. We appreciate all that you have done.

  4. Thanks for the kind words anonymous. I take great pride in knowing I helped run off convicted felon and husband of Councilwoman MaDonna Flood. I take pride in helping send Bill Schreck off into the sunset as well.

    Next up Michael Baugh and the idiots who follow his lead.

    You guys keep plugging away there are many of us behind you and the work you do.

    Thanks for writing.


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