Wednesday, March 24, 2010


LOUISVILLE AUDIT SOME THINGS MISSING: I have had a few minutes to browse through the audit report and though the initial findings hold true to what many of us have known for years I also found some things conspicuously absent. I am going to ask Crit if this was a complete Metro audit as some Departments were not mentioned though there are knowing violations.

Conspicuously absent were the Departments of Codes and Regulations, Parks and Recreation, Public Health and Wellness, Public Works, and Human Resources.

While the audit certainly laid out some serious concerns these other Departments have the same problems as well. Codes and Regulations was a farce under Bill Shreck and John Flood. And what about Economic Development under Bruce Traughber? There is much money hidden there as well.

JIM KING UPDATE: Tomorrow in Frankfort the KREF will give Jim King his slap on the wrist agreed upon long ago. He will pay a small fine and be done with it in their eyes. The KREF has been complicit in this allowing King and his attorneys an easy way out against the actual law. So be it.

King is nowhere near done with this case. The criminal case continues as I promised long ago. I assume they believe because I am in a race for office I would back off or not have time to complete this journey so I am told. They are sadly mistaken.

I promised from the onset I would finish this to the end and I will keep my word regardless of the personal cost to me. If it cost me the primary election because I didn't have time to campaign as hard as I hoped so be it. I promised we would get change and not allow those like Abramson and King to destroy us long ago and i will keep that promise regardless of the personal cost.

We the people deserve better and I will do my best to insure we get it.

I sent a letter to Hart Megibben and copied it to Steve Beshear, who rumor has it ordered the KSP NOT to investigate, Jack Conway, KREF, and several others. The Kentucky State Police have not done any investigation to date that I can verify after having this case for months. Why would I think that?

Because in any investigation you start at the beginning. I filed the charges, I kept responding to the garbage from King and his Kindergarten "cracker jack" attorneys and won. Why the KSP has not contacted me for further evidence you be the judge. But every investigator I have spoken with tells me it is very odd the way this has been handled. In short politics rules.

Not anymore. I have tried working within the system and the powers that be refuse to do their job so now I will do their job.

In my letter I gave Hart Megibben, and anyone else involved, until April 1st to do their damn job. On April 1st I will be requesting the Grand Jury to give me a date for a hearing and I will present the case myself. And yes I have the right to. The evidence is clear cut and this should have been investigated and over with by now. They have had almost 2 years to do so. The Special Prosecutor has had it for well over 6 months.

Stay tuned it is just heating up....

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