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I am no fan of the CJ in many cases and this article today is just one more reason why they have lost any credibility. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy The Courier-Journal While many are finally waking up to the reality Abramson may not be all some thought he was the CJ is still trying to help him do damage control. Does that sit well with anyone? Think about it.

Crit Luallen released her audit this week and found 69 problems with Louisville accounting practices. This is HUGE as Abramson in recent years has not been so adept at hiding what many want to know. Thanks to open records requests and the pursuit of truth by some of us we are finally starting to see some results.

Check this out for more: Louisville News and Politics: LOUISVILLE AUDIT IS IN: BAD NEWS JERRY. You see the problems listed here? They are not accidental findings.

Folks like Mayoral candidate Chris Thieneman, Senator Dan Seum, myself, and a whole host of others have been calling this stuff to light for years. We have been fighting for SB 80 bringing the Mayor in compliance with at least the Governor of Kentucky's laws in this regard.

In the meantime Council members such as David Tandy, Jim King, and Hal Heiner, all of whom are running for Mayor as well, have done nothing. Oh they all speak of openness and transparency now yet Jim King has spent thousands of dollars trying to get away with his illegalities in regards to Katie's election, David Tandy went to Frankfort arguing against openness and transparency and lied stating the Council would take care of it and they have not, and Hal Heiner has accomplished absolutely nothing as a member of the Council in this regard.

Anyone can pay lip service leaders get involved.

And yet the Courier STILL tries to excuse the Mayor for his mistakes:

In this term, Mayor Abramson has been handicapped by the loss of some longtime advisers who helped him earn a reputation in his earlier terms for tight and efficient management. Plus, the structure of Metro government seems to create independent silos of authority without enough coordinated oversight. And finally, the years 2008-09 brought the city a parade of horribles: a hurricane, a devastating winter storm and a flood — not to mention the worst recession since the 1930s — all of which strained the capabilities of government to respond.

So now apparently it is Mother Nature's fault that all these inconsistencies exist? Come on CJ even you know better than to try this gimmick.

From Chris Thieneman on the comments section of the CJ article online:

In the Oct 04 issue of the Lane Report, the editor asked Abramson."The metro government upgraded its financial controls for Lou during the merger. How helpful has the new accounting system been in helping you manage and control the operation of government?"

Abramson said."It's the state-of-the-art public sector Oracle system that gives Lou far more capabilities than we have thus far begun to fully use. For the first 6 months, we had to run both systems. After July 1 of 03, we began to focus on the new financial management system. It has given my deputy mayor and his team an expanded amount of information to be able to track and to hold folks in departments accountable on a much more current basis than we ever had before."

I know from talking to the concerned citizens of this community that holding the mayor accountable is a very serious issue. It is obvious to the supporters of THIENEMAN FOR MAYOR that if the mayor is not part of the solution than he must be part of the problem.

And don't forget this has been going on for over 20 years all the way back to Abramson in the 80's. Remember

This is the problem. Political hacks and political cronyism led by Abramson and his pals to benefit themselves.

These are just some examples of why folks like myself do what we do. We bring the truth to you in hopes that someone will do something about it. We file charges against corruption so that it has to be addressed.

And we run for office to make changes necessary to ensure we never have to live with this again.

Shame on the CJ......


  1. "In the meantime Council members such as David Tandy, Jim King, and Hal Heiner, all of whom are running for Mayor as well, have done nothing"

    Once again, you are just flat out wrong on Heiner. He has challenged Abramson time and time again. Ed, I like your site and applaud you on many fronts, but you need to review tape and newspaper articles over the past 7 years regarding your opinion of Heiner. You're simply wrong and I'm afraid letting your bias to Theineman cloud your view on this one.

  2. I still respectfully disagree as I did on a previous post. ALL cureent Council members have had oppportunities to address these concerns and NONE have.

    That includes Hal.

    While Hal has been saying things he has accomplished nothing. Talking the talk requires being able to walk the walk and sadly Hal has not delivered on anything he has talked about. Words are meaningless without action.

    Where was Hal when it was brought up or being discussed in Frankfort? If he is about transparency that was a chance he had to prove it and sadly he did not.

    Hal says he will go to Frankfort and fight for us. In regards to SB 80 as one example where was he? Actions speak louder than words and Hal has not shown any action that has benefitted us.

    His alternative library plan never developed and was not delivered. He has spoken of transparency and has not delivered. Louisville Checkbook is NOT transparency. Even if I were to cede that in some small way it is, what does it really acocmplish? It does not address the strong arm form of Mayorship we now have nor does it give us any repercussions for illegal acts. It is a small attempt and only took 7 years?

    Look don't get me wrong here I do support Thieneman and have been open and upfront about that since last year. Hell I was one who worked to get Chris to run or I was going to.

    Even with my concerns with Hal, with the exception of Chris Thieneman and Tyler Allen, he is still better than any than any of the rest but Chris has actually put his money where his mouth is and accomplished something.

    Hal with the power of his seat has not.

    Thanks again for the comments but I will agree to disagree on this one.

  3. Are you saying Doug Hawkins hasn't stood up to Jerry Abramson?

  4. I know where you are going with this so I will respond. I have supported many things Doug has stood up to Jerry on. Doug has taken the lead and called many public meetings and involved the citizenry in many fights.

    He did not just make a press release to the media he got involved.

    Doug is also not running for Metro Mayor and has nothing to do with this story.

    Thanks for writing.


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