Monday, March 29, 2010


Here is the Monday roundup for this week.

KDFWR AND SB64: For a long time now I have been outing Director John Gassett's reign with the KDFWR for what I believe to be some ethical considerations with no oversight. I am happy to announce that SB 64 I have been pushing that would address some of these concerns not only passed the Senate and was sent to the House it also cleared the House unanimously and should be adopted within the next week. Kudos to all the sportsmen of our Commonwealth for standing up for openness and transparency.

So much for a certain so called journalist who kept telling me I was an idiot and this would not get done. Don't worry he knows who he is.

You can read more here: Louisville News and Politics: LEGISLATURE AND THE KDFWR: TIME TO GET BUSY AND DO YOUR JOB!

KING CASE REVISITED: Last week as you know the KREF finally did SOMETHING with the King's by giving them one of the highest fines in our history for the illegal acts Jim and Katie King committed during her campaign for Judge. Sadly, it took constant pressure from us to make them do anything. The way this whole case has been handled must make us question the integrity of the KREF process itself. Additionally Katie just can't seem to stay out of the limelight with poor decision making and now this: Louisville News and Politics: KATIE KING NAILED AGAIN: WILL SHE EVER LEARN FOR ONCE YOU BE THE JUDGE

In case you missed the stories here are some links including a new one from Kentucky law blog:

Louisville News and Politics: JIM AND KATIE KING $30,000 IN FINES IS JUST THE BEGINNING

Kentucky Law Review: JUDICIAL ELECTIONS: Sitting Judge fined for illegal campaign contributions in election that put her on t...

ABRAMSON FINALLY EXPOSED: Jerry Abramson has been screwing us for years and this audit by Crit Luallen last week is just the tip of the iceberg. Louisville News and Politics: LOUISVILLE AUDIT IS IN: BAD NEWS JERRY

Apparently the CJ still cannot bring itself to call a spade a spade opting instead to continue to make excuses for Abramson. The behavior of Abramson and cronyism can be traced all the way back to the 80's under his leadership and they still won't admit they are wrong. Check out you will not be disappointed.


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