Monday, March 22, 2010


It has been an interesting few days to saythe least so get's right to it.

OBAMACARE 101: As we all know by now the Obama healthcare debacle passed last night. Honestly what the heck were they thinking? Business needs help there is no doubt and millions of Americans need health benefits that aren't getting it but this Obama plan falls way short of what we need. In fact in most opinions of major business this will keep them from hiring for new jobs and expanding.

So much for job growth.

RAND PAUL SIGHTING: Yep Rand Paul was in Louisville this morning telling the world Yarmuth needs to come home. Many agree including me. Rand put together this rally in support of those running for 3rd District House seat Yarmuth currently occupies. Each candidate for that seat was there and spoke including my good friend and partner Ed Martin who is running as well.

Honestly Todd Lally and Jeff Reetz were the only Republicans worthy in that GOP race. Of course my friend Ed Martin can literally steal the show if he can get his message out.

Hausman always seems a bit confused when I have seen him and shows no promise. Broooks Wicker? Well he comes off like a used car salesman and most I spoke with wouldn't vote for him for dog catcher at this point.

Pay attention to Lally, Reetz, and Martin.

ABRAMSON MACHINE: Crit LuAllen is supposed to give us her final report tomorrow on the Metro audit and rumor has it it will not be pretty. There are at least 30 errors that are notable from early reports. In this case since I will not have time tomorrow to read through the entire report I suggets you check out Jake over at he has te htime and relishes looking through these audits. Wish I had the time believe me.

In anticipation of a public scolding Abramson will endure he is already passing thebuck and ridding himself of one significant.

After al these years and the graft, greed, and corruption of his adminsitration he has chosen to get resignations from 2 of his political hacks who really have no major interests in the finances of Louisville. You can read about it here: Two city officials resign over book payments The Courier-Journal

Funnily enough, yeah right, he actually thinks throwing us these nobodies will calm the storm. He is mistaken as usual.

To quote frm the CJ story: "Mayor Jerry Abramson said Monday that he had asked for and received Friday the resignations of Melissa Mershon, former Neighborhoods Department director, and Carol Butler, a special assistant to Abramson and also Mershon’s special assistant for international and cultural affairs.

Mershon allegedly failed to comply with city purchasing rules while working on the book, approving three payments of $14,900 to Butler Books — a company Carol Butler’s family owns — without proper bidding, negotiating or a contract."

And my favorite part of the story?

"At the news conference, Abramson described Mershon and Butler as friends “who have devoted decades to public service in this community.”

But, he said, “They made mistakes that violated my trust and more importantly violated the trust of the citizens of this community. I cannot accept such lapses of judgment and violations of the city’s rules and regulations.

Abramson added that he was “shocked” and “extremely personally disappointed” when advised of the situation, but he said he doesn’t believe any laws were violated."

Sorry Jerry this does not fly.

And of course I love how Jerry states Deputy Mayor Summers was one he had investigate. I am sure he did a wonderful job. Sarcasm purely intended.

Let's see Carol Butler is a "Special Assistant" to Jerry and Summers investigates? Gee does the name Butler ring a bell to anyone?

Time to get Abramson out now I prefer through an indictment and that is being worked on assuredly.

Stay tuned.........................


  1. I understand that Martin is your personal friend, but why in the world would you risk what little credibility you have left on pushing a candidate who will only cripple the GOP force on beating Yarmuth?

  2. lol on credibility. Seriously? The only thing I have ever cared about or worked towards in the political arena was making sure voters are informed. I get involved even if that means I take hits for bringing stuff to the table most would like to ignore.

    With that said Martin is not only my friend but he truly is on top of the issues. While I hear all candidates talk about bringing Yarmuth home I have yet to see any present a plan worthy of discussion to accomplish just that.

    Like I said it is up to Ed to get his message out and since I have discussed his ideas with him I know how intelligent he is, however, it is not my place to get that message out for him.

    As far as crippling the GOP is concerned? The GOP in many ways has crippled itself through the years and one reason why I am running for office is to hopefully bring the conservative base back in politics so we can move forward and get beyond the divisive crap we have been given.

    We have been sold out by politicians not parties. A party is representative as a group by those who belong to it. Today's parties are built on entrenched politicians who are more interested in keeping their job not doing their job.

    While I have chosen to work within the 2 party structure towards change each person has the right to choose their own path in this regard.

    Essentially if Martin feels he is qualifed and brings something to the plate well that is about as American as it gets.

    I cannot speak for Martin or his views I can only speak for myself as an American first not the party first.

    I am proud to be an American myself.

    Thanks for writing.


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