Wednesday, March 10, 2010


For weeks now we have been letting people know that the MyViewMatters Radio Show would be airing a live debate between Republican Candidates for Metro Council District 19. This was a new venture for us and for the local radio community to be involved in.

I must say I was not disappointed.

Due to a possible conflict of interest, as I have stated publicly I support a candidate in this race, in the interest of fairness to all candidates I did not participate in this debate. Many thanks to Clint Hardy of Ky GrassRoots radio for filling in as co host with Ed Martin.

Though we are still working on a solution with Clear Channel on live simulcasting with Ky Grassroots Radio they will be podcasting the debate on Friday night at 7 PM. Thanks guys.

Both Ed and Clint did a great job and I look forward to the MyViewMatters Radio Show setting the standard for bringing future radio on air debates to the listening public.

My sincerest appreciation to Kaven Rumpel, Jerry Miller, and Daniel Osborne for agreeing to the debate and being forthcoming in answering to their potential constituents. Hopefully, we have opened the door to bringing interest to the smaller local races that affect so many of us on a daily basis and usually are the ones that are bineg ignored.

Additionally, Louisville Mojo's John LaFollette decided to follow the debate through a live blog at thus helping get even more people involved in local politics.

Many thanks to Louisville Mojo for going the extra mile to get the candidates messages to the voters.

Great first on air radio debate for the show and for the candidates. Good luck to all!


  1. Great debate last night, Ed. Ed Martin and Clint Hardy did an excellent job of moderating the debate. Thanks to LouisvilleMojo.Com for the live blog. I have to concur with their post: "The show's ending with a bizarre string of accusations from Rumpel. Your guess is as good as mine." My comment to Mr. Rumpel was that I didn't know what he was talking about and I didn't think he did either.

  2. Thank you sir. I agre Clint did an excellent job filling in for me and all candidates had a chance to be heard. It has always been the intent of the MyViewMatters Radio Show to bring issues and candidates to the people for them to decide and last night was agreat example of what we bring to the community.

    My sincerest thanks to all involved and the candidates themselves.


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