Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have to address this sorry folks. For those who think I am shocked or saddened by yesterday's supposed "blowout" think again. I allowed Brewer to win that election. Yep you read it right. I was asked last November by Jefferson County GOP leadership and about 100 others to run in this race. I told them point blank I did not have the time or the inclination to run in another race at this time.

I explained that I am happy doing what I do now and was accomplishing more for all of us through this venture that a race right now was not one I had time for.

After practically begging me for 2 months to run I reluctantly agreed with the caveat that if I do they would have to provide people to run the campaign as I did not have time to. Running an effective campaign is a full time job. Seriously 40 hours a week or better is the norm.

Between my real job at the time, research required for this website, and the MyViewMatters Radio Show, there was just not enough hours in the day to run an effective campaign as well.

Of course that help never came nor did I expect it to. Since I always have to prove to myself the truth about anything I took a chance on the promises and proved once again I was right in the establishment philosophy. The establishment on BOTH sides needs overhaul and the local GOP leadership confirmed I was right.

Before I get accused of anything understand this did not involve current GOP Chair Shellie May.

With the promises made failing to be delivered, and the Democrat establishment with Bob Henderson's help working on behalf of my opponent, as well as Henderson working to stop Thieneman, I was not going to be drawn into the idiocy of that. Yep Henderson got involved because quite frankly he is a moron and we can't stand each other.

I worked as much as I could but admittedly was very limited. A little over 3 weeks ago I lost my job and unfortunately, as you can read in previous articles, I had 2 family deaths in the same week at the same time. My family comes first always. Priorities had to be maintained. Of course this meant campaigning would be very minimal. The most critical time in any campaign is the last 3-4 weeks. I simply could not do the necessary work.

While attending as many events as I could, maintaining my commitment to this site, the radio show, and speaking with about 400 people along the way I still received 459 votes. Since only approximately 20% of eligible voters turned out I can live with that.

Since I am considered a "lightning rod" politically speaking I never expected any different. It is hard for the establishment to stand up for someone doing things the right way versus someone who will tow the party line at all costs. It is hard for those who believe in party first to vote for an outsider who does not. In short I am an equal opportunity kind of guy. regardless of any party I will always fight against the bad seeds. Not a great thing to do when you want to run for office.

My loyalty has always been and will continue to be, regardless of any political garbage, to the people and community first.

Since I would not resort to the lies and illegal campaign activities like my opponent, and many other candidates for office did, this result was fully expected. I will not resort to illegal activity to win any election.

Those that do are not worthy to be elected and I would rather lose than to denigrate myself or the prestige of the office I seek to win. Integrity matters.

As I have stated before my ego does not require me to be an elected official. I will continue doing what I do and that is exposing the lies, hypocrisy, and illegalities of those who are elected. I will continue as I have promised to work towards the betterment of our community and the American way of life. I will work to better our elected leaders by holding them accountable to a higher standard than what they allow us.

I made a promise to everyone that I would continue to seek accountability and this venture has allowed me an opportunity to do just that. Not to mention I truly do love what I do with this site and the MyViewMatters Radio Show and I will continue to work towards profitability for both.

Between the two I have already accomplished more for our community than the candidates who want to win the elections. Incumbents included.

Many said I was off my rocker and dead wrong on Jim King. I was proven right in my allegations which cost him the Mayoral election and hopefully his career in politics as evidenced at the polls yesterday where he lost handily AFTER trying to outspend his opponents and buy another election.

The only regret I have is that I let you down. I just did not have time to run an agressive campaign. I put my name on the line but could not do the work necessary. My apologies to each of you for you deserve a better campaign. This is a first for me with that problem and it will be the last.

Because of my shortcomings Charlie Miller now has an easier ride in November. He beat John Brewer by 30 points last time and will probably do so by at least that much again. Given the choices between the two, Miller is the lesser of two evils. Through the work of this site and the radio show there will still be accountability.

Things are what they are. For those who supported me through this difficult time my thanks can never be enough. You truly are the ones who inspire me to make a difference. My promise to you today is a simple one.

IF or when I decide to run for any election again I will do so my way on my terms. Never again will I trust "leadership" to follow through on their promises. Every campaign I have been involved in before was run by me and me alone. This is one example why. This is the first time I have ever taken a chance on any help from a party and I certainly will not do so again.

Stay tuned things are just heating up and we will have a great time during this election season.


  1. Sorry won't happen. This did not affect the people it affected me personally. I will work to insure it won't happen again and will wokr to insure these people are held accountable but not based on a personal crusade on my own behalf.

    I hope you understand.

    Thanks for writing.


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