Wednesday, May 5, 2010


First the MyViewMatters Radio Show will be pre-empted next Wednesday because of WKJK's contractual comitment to air a baseball game. This time however we were told our old time slot would be available on Thursday next week so we are doing our last show before the election next Thursday May 13, 2010 at 7Pm on WKJK 1080.

This is a one week change only and we will resume our regular Wednesay night slot on May 19 at 7.

With that said this week we decided to have Dave Toborowsky in studio with us and start the discussion on upcoming elections on May 18. Dave is considered by some to be an insider and is a wealth of information on local and state politics.

Next week's show on Thursday at 7 we will resume this discussion and hit more races in preparation for th eprimary. We ask anyone and everyone to call in next week during the show and let us know who you are voting for and why. If you are a candidate feel free to call in as well.

Listen in below.


  1. David Toborowsky has fell off his rocker. I see he didn't mention that Sen. Seum doesn't let Tobo near him much anymore because of his terrible "insight" on politics.

    What a waste.

  2. Interesting comment and of course anonymous as expected. Say what you will as I personally do not know but dave Toborowsky is speaking on Sen. Seum's behalf at the Senator's fundraiser tomorrow night. He has also been speaking for Sen. Seum when the Senator has not been able to make some events due to his Senate obligations.

  3. For someone who makes a big deal about ethics violations,... why is not unethical for someone who works for the Board of Elections to show favoritism towards particular candidates while on a media show?

    Is that not unethical? It's about as unethical as Vicki Welch's event WITHOUT using city money.

  4. If you are inferring that Dave Toborowsky works for the Board of Elections you may want to check your position. Toborowsky is a FORMER employee of the Board of Elections but is no longer employed there or he would not have been allowed to be on the show by us.

    As you can see knowing this there are no ethical concerns.

    Nice try trying to justify Welch's behavior. For the record Welch DID use City money for her event which is illegal and unethical.

    Thanks for commenting.

  5. Why not turn to someone more interesting like a Frank Friday or someone like that?

  6. I would love to have Frank on but not sure if he can do it because of his job. I have every intention of seeing if he can after the primaries are over.

    Thanks Bob

  7. funny how you guys go off on negative campaiging when Thieneman has run the most negative campaign by far of anyone in 2010. Ed, I like your show and your site and I hope you win, but the truth is the truth here.

  8. Anonymous I cant argue that Chris went negative. His campaign management staff has not run a good race. It is that simple and I won't argue your point it is valid.

    I will say this though Chris truly is in this race for the right reasons and bad campaign advice aside would make a good Mayor or I would not support him.

    Thanks for writing.

  9. Fair enough Ed, best of luck on Tuesday - we're pulling for you

  10. Thanks for your kind words hopefully I get the chance to represent us in the fall and really help us towards making a difference for all.


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