Thursday, May 27, 2010


Today Mayor Abramson will announce his plan for funding a new library in Fairdale and updating the Shawnee library. Sounds genuine enough doesn't it? I as usual have problems with it. No surprise I am sure.

According to the Courier, Louisville plans new Fairdale library, upgrade to Shawnee library The Courier-Journal, has somehow come up with $4 million for these projects during a budget shortfall once again. The problem?

Abramson announced in March that we were moving forward with the Southwest library. Abramson was quoted stating:

Construction of the Southwest Regional Library might begin in two to three years, depending on economic conditions and the city’s financial situation. Read more: Louisville moves forward on Southwest library - Business First of Louisville

According to sources the library Master plan put a priority on the Southwest library and Shawnee was ranked #11 on the list. Why did the priorities change?

I will give you a few things to ponder.

Since the Southwest led the way towards defeating his library tax this is a payback.

It is an election year and both Democratic Fairdale Councilwoman Vickie Welch, and Democratic Mayoral candidate Greg Fischer, need the votes. By doing this now they can campaign using these new libraries to barter favor with the voters in these areas.

This is nothing new for the Democratic machine and Vickie Welch. Spend some money in targeted areas to gain favor from the machine using our tax dollars for votes. Sad but true. The question really becomes, will we continue being used in this way by the power of the machine?

Let's hope not.

Another question arises now, what does this do to the Master library plan now? If you are going to change the plan at will then the plan must have been flawed, or you just don't care about the plan as long as you get the votes.

When the Mayor states unequivocally that we do not have the money to do a priority library project, but then "finds" millions to help a lessor project, should be an insult to each of us. If the economics are not there for one how in the world can they be there for another?

It was reported this week that we have a budget shortfall again. Not as much as before but still around $8 million. Which is interesting considering the difference between the $12 million they say is needed and the $4 million Abramson says we have equals that $8 million.

Of course the argument will be well the Southwest library costs more so we have to wait and see.

Well $4 million is one third of the way towards what they say it will cost. Can't that money be saved towards this endeavor? I mean they set the priorities we didn't. If we spend the $4 million now when they admit we do not have the money then how much further back will that push the Southwest priority.

Common sense tells us that when we save some money towards something we need, and then spend it, the process takes longer since we now have to replace the spent money as well. Of course now they will "bond" it raising the true costs even more.

The people in the Southwest have just found out once again how much the Dimocratic machine of Louisville thinks about us.

For those in the Southwest who have stood up against this adminstration and machine it isn't very much.

Stay tuned for the Abramson spin........

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