Thursday, May 6, 2010


A couple of quick updates from the CJ. Today the CJ's Dan Klepal did an article on Mayoral candidate Jim King. I couldn't tell what I was reading. King embraces battle for Louisville mayor post The Courier-Journal. While it is very clear to followers I am no fan of King, for good reasons if you read this blog, I felt like Klepal was doing a soft piece and not exactly an in depth look.

No where was it mentioned that Jim King is CURRENTLY under investigation by the Kentucky State Police for possible felony behavior. Is this important to know when choosing your candidate for Mayor? I think so and so do most I speak with.

Read this blog for truth in this situation.

The CJ also gave me their endorsement for State House District 28 this morning. As one of the most outspoken critics of the CJ this came as something of a surprise but appreciated nonetheless. District 46 candidate Brian Simpson who we have featured on the MyViewMatters Radio Show was endorsed along with former Councilwoman Julie Raque Adams in her District 32 race. Editorial Three Republicans in state House races The Courier-Journal

Senator Dan Seum will be having a fundraiser tonight at Lake Forest Clubhouse from 5:30-7:30. It is an open invitation to all and there is no minimum donation to attend. In short come on out even if you don't give any money to show support for the Senator.

The MyViewMatters Radio guys, me and Ed Martin, will be in attendance so come on out and see us as well.

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