Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I posted a story last night concerning the False Alarm Reduction Program (FARP) and woke up this morning to see a story by the CJ that the Mayor is shopping an ordinance that will charge an annual fee of $25 to each homeowner, $50 for each business, that owns an alarm system.

Huh? Let me get this straight. We now want to generate revenue by basically taxing a security system that is bought and paid for with our disposable income? Who the hell comes up with these ideas?

Read the CJ story here: Fee on alarm systems dominates police budget hearing The Courier-Journal

In Mayor Jerry Abramson's $821 million budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year, he has set aside nearly $144 million for the police department.
But most of the discussion centered around a proposal that would require any home or business with an alarm to pay a yearly fee. The fee would be $25 for homes and $50 for businesses.

Additionally these funds are paid to an outfit in Cincinnati. Why? Do we not even have a legitimate collection agency in Louisville so the fees collected at least create local jobs?

Soon to be ex (thank God)Chief White says he sees benefits with this:

White acknowledged that the move would be a significant source of revenue for the city, which would go into the general fund to pay for city services.

"That's $1.5 million that certainly this city can use," White said.

But he said there are benefits of getting each of the roughly 62,800 alarm users in the area covered by metro police to register because it means that police will have the opportunity to teach people how to more efficiently use their systems and hopefully cut down on unnecessary runs that take police away from other matters.

Seriously? We claim we do not have enough officers now to do the job effectively. We do not have enough money to hire more officers to do the job right and he now wants to commit the police to do private training that private employer alarm system reps do. Chief White does not even know what goes on in his own department half the time how in the hell will he know about the dozens of different alarm systems capabilities to train anyone?

Want to bet there will be yet another forced fee on alarm system owners to pay for required mandatory training from LMPD? Another "fee" scam to increase revenues even further on an already overtaxed population?

Get real here.

For years the police have recommended buying an alarm system for personal and business property to protect yourself from loss. Now that so many do we decide we need a "fee" to continue protecting those owners.

What we should do is take up our own collection "fees" and start court actions to protect us against the real thieves in our community.

Our so called elected leaders who are continually robbing us blind.

Stand up and be counted Louisville. We can no longer afford this idiocy by this Mayor and his cronies. Even worse if he gets this passed what will he do if elected Lt Governor where he will surely promote even more taxes or "fees" that will rise as well resulting in an even further decline.

I, for one, have had enough. The question is have you?

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  1. Pretty soon they will tax you if you get a HardOn!


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