Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Update: Ed Martin officially filed at 2:30 this afternoon.

For months now my radio show co host, friend, and business owner, Ed Martin has been thinking about a run for 3rd Congressional District. I just spoke with Ed and confirmed he is on his way to Frankfort right now to file. After trying to run prior and being literally railroaded out of the race by the Republican Party (which led to a lawsuit by Martin) Ed has decided to run as a Libertarian candidate again.

I have to say this kudos to Martin. Not because he happens to be a friend or business partner but quite the contrary. Martin will bring one thing into this race that is lacking today from both incumbent John Yarmuth and Republican Todd Lally.


Anyone who has listened to our radio show, MyViewMatters Radio, or spoke with Ed Martin knows just how intelligent he is. He not only identifies what the problems are but more importantly he offers solutions to those problems. While Yarmuth continues toeing the party line and not offering any original ideas, and Lally continues using the same old tired Republican rhetoric of "cut taxes," neither has given us any plans to accomplish anything to better our Kentucky or Country.

Ed Martin will swing that balance. He will give you a plan and tell you how it is regardless of party mantras and is worthy of checking out. Martin is not the old school typical "hundred percenter" of past Libertarians. He is a fresh face in politics and beholding to no one.

He is not one to sugar coat either. He will not tell you what you want to hear for a vote he will tell you how he sees it, offer solutions, and let you make up your mind.

Already there is talk that John Yarmuth is happy Martin is in the race because he feels this will help him by taking votes away from Lally. The normal pompous and arrogant Yarmuth way if you ask me. Since Yarmuth is the sitting incumbent, and has been part of the dismal failure of this current Government that has led us to the messes we are in today, perhaps now he will finally have to be forthright and honest. Most don't know Yarmuth benefits from the whole health care reform he just helped pass against the majority of his constituents as one example though they will soon. There is much more to come about silver spoon Yarmuth in the months to come.

Yarmuth should be worried that someone with real substance has entered the race regardless of party. He will now have to be accountable.

Lally on the other hand has to worry as well. The Republican challenger has much on the surface to offer. A Lt Colonel in the military, the "face" of a politican people like, and a conservative base to fall back on. But since all we have seen to date is the same old talking points and no solutions, Lally will now have to truly define his plans on what he will do if elected.

Martin forces all to begin giving us specifics and not the same old boring talking points we continue to get that are never followed through on.

You owe it to yourself to check him out.

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