Monday, June 7, 2010


FREE SPEECH ANYONE?: It seems longtime Washington journalist Helen Thomas was forced to resign immediately after making some derogatory comments. Read them here: Helen Thomas retires amid flap over Israel remarks The Courier-Journal Captured on video Thomas says Israelis should "get the hell out of Palestine," suggesting they go to Germany, Poland or the U.S.

You may not like what she said but do we not have free speech in America?

CONWAY SPIN MACHINE AT IT AGAIN: The latest from Joe Arnold Conway defends campaign contributions Louisville Blogs News for Louisville, Kentucky. During the primary election Dan Mongiardo accused Conway of having a conflict of interest related to campaign contributions, the Rand Paul U.S. Senate campaign is alleging that Jack Conway is "taking in thousands of dollars of campaign cash from BP executives," while he criticizes Paul's stance toward British Petroleum.

The good part? As it turns out, "BP executives" is Conway's brother-in-law, Henry Gordinier, who once worked for a BP subsidiary but now is employed by Kindred Healthcare, according to Conway.

"I am aware that my brother-in-law, Henry Gordinier, worked for Arco Aluminum which was a subsidiary of BP," Conway explained to reporters in Frankfort this week, "And at some point in the past, he might have listed his employer as that. He's married to my sister (Kelli Gordinier) and it's a family contribution...." either way it was for $9600 so the statement by Paul is factually correct.

SPEAKING OF RAND PAUL: Did anyone see this in the local papers? For the Paul family, Libertarian ethos began at home - Hawaii News -

This article was in 32 papers across the Country yesterday including the CJ favorite New York Times yet somehow missed Kentucky papers altogether. Seems like Kentucky is where we should be seeing all things Rand Paul or Jack Conway since we are the voters.

KENTUCKY EXTENDS NEW HOME TAX CREDIT: Kentucky has decided to extend the new home tax credit until the end of the year. Set to expire in July the State decided we needed to continue the credit to shore up home purchases. New home tax credit extended, Kentucky residents get another year The Courier-Journal

How about giving the rest of us a one time $5000 credit for living in one.

Times are tough all over but many need help. With so many people losing their home, or in danger of it, they could certainly use the tax break too. The tax money Kentucky is giving away are the taxes on a low wage income earner that cannot make ends meet now thanks to a lousy economy bureaucrats helped create.

Quit giving our hard earned money to people for buying a home they were going to buy anyway. If they can afford a new home today they are the lucky ones. Let the ones who are struggling now have equal credits.

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  1. Ed, we just added a link to our site of this blog post.

  2. Free speech is a protection against government suppression of speech. It does not guarantee that one will retain one's job. She exercised her freedom of speech--she's not in jail.


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