Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Tonight's show focused on the bridges authority and the possibility of using tolls to pay for the asinine $4.1 Billion project favored by Abramson and his machine. Needless to say I am not a fan. Good news is I am not alone.

Tonight's guests were author Steve Weiser, Neighborhood and community activist Martina Kunnecke, and Investment specialist and activist Shawn Reilly. Props to Curt Morrison at for helping us get these guests.

On a different note welcome back to the live simulcast by our friends at Ky Grassroots radio! For those around the State who were feeling left out thanks to Clint Hardy, Matt Singleton, and David Caldwell for making this happen!

All I can say about the show is WOW! I had a great time even though I disagree with some things these guys stand for it was great having a good discussion about this issue and the effects on our community.

For the River Fields obstructionist folks that include Mayoral candidate Greg Fischer, and Congressman John Yarmuth trust me this issue is getting ready to heat up.

Listen in below and let me know your thoughts!


  1. Thanks Steve. By the way the show will be moving to Thursdays next week at 6 pm. Our numbers doubled yet again and WKJK has asked us to switch and follow the Sean Hannity show. This is a MAJOR upgrade thanks to the interest of our listeners and followers.

    Thanks again for the kudos.


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