Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There is so much going on right now even I can't cover it all. Here are some updates today and a hint of what will be coming soon!

MYVIEWMATTERS RADIO SHOW: Tonight on WKJK 1080 AM we will be hosting the weekly edition of the MyViewMatters Radio show at 7 PM. Tonight will be an open show with Ed Martin and myself and we will be discussing anything and everything. Want to talk about something? Give us a buzz at (502)571-1080. Details will be announced as well on the changes coming next week. You will like them!

RAND PAUL IS THE DEVIL DAY ELEVENTY BILLION SOMETHING: I know it is starting to become an everyday habit but really does the CJ have to continue to try and portray Paul as the devil? I mean each and everyday there is a new article trying to portray Rand as the evil coming of Christ himself. Here is the latest and predictably it chastises Rand again for the supposed "certification" problem. Editorial Rand Paul's 'certification' The Courier-Journal. Of course you can read my take here Louisville News and Politics: RAND PAUL IS THE DEVIL: ASK THE LIBERAL MEDIA.

JULIE DENTON TO CHALLENGE DAVID WILLIAMS: Come on Julie really? Seriously? Julie Denton to challenge David Williams for Kentucky Senate presidency The Courier-Journal You have major ethical baggage with MCNA Dental Damned: Lauderdale Health Care Group Puts a Senator on Its Payroll - Broward Palm Beach News - The Juice who states:

MCNA Dental Plans, a benefits system based in Fort Lauderdale, wanted a $20 million contract from the managed care group that administers Medicaid spending in Kentucky. State Sen. Julie Denton, a former dental hygienist, wanted a job. They both got what they wanted.

As Chair of the Kentucky Senate's health care committee you directly oversee the Passport Health Plan, which gave YOUR employer, MCNA Dental, its $20 million contract.

Your own son filed suit against you for theft claiming you stole $15,000 from his trust fund set up by his Dad, and your ex husband, Tom Rose that you used for your personal self?

Isn't it arrogant to say you will take on David Williams in January when you haven't even won your general in November yet?

While no fan of Williams on many issues I certainly respect the fact he will stand up right or wrong for his actions. There will be more on this later I assure you.

WHISTLEBLOWERS LOSE JOBS: Recently I covered a story involving Metro employee Eric Garrett and what happened to him after he filed a whistleblower complaint. Louisville News and Politics: METRO TIPLINE LEADS TO UNEMPLOYMENT WHEN USED. Looking further this case is going to be even bigger than I thought. We will have more details in the days to come.

That's it for now listen in tonight for the MyViewMatters Radio Show at 7 pm!

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