Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Tonight's show Ed Martin and I decided to do a kind of update show with some issues thrown in. Why this format? Next week we will be moving to a new date and time. The show will begin airing at 6 Pm on Thursday nights on WKJK 1080 AM beginning next Thursday.

Thanks to all of you loyal listeners, newcomers, and our online friends at Ky Grassroots radio our numbers have doubled for the 4th consecutive quarter and WKJK wants to move us to a better time slot and day on Thursday. We will now be following conservative talk show host Sean Hannity every Thursday night at 6!

It is a great move for all of us as now we will have an even broader base of people to listen and get informed on the issues of the day with a local slant.

As many of you know we have been able to do this self funded. Two working guys with your help have proven we can make a difference and our thanks to you all.

With that in mind we have been asked by many of you to expand the show and we would love to. You can help.

It takes money so if you can make a gift of money please do so at the paypal link on this site or by mail at the PO Box listed above on this site. Just think if 100 of you sent in $1000 bucks apiece we would be funded for 2 full years. If 1000 of you sent in $100 we would get the same result!

Of course I know that is impossible in this economy but if you can help in any way $5, $10, or better it goes a long way!

In the meantime check out tonight's show! We talked about everything from Obama's failure in the BP mess, to attacks on Rand Paul, and Julie Denton's sell out attempt to take over David Williams seat in the Senate.

Tune in below and tune in next week on our new day and time Thursdays at 6PM!

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