Monday, July 5, 2010


While dong my daily checks on what is happening in the Gulf I ran across this story: Oil Spill: BP Lawsuit For Burning Turtles Alive Reaches Settlement. While admirable that someone cares about the plight of the sea turtles, myself included, do we not have more serious things to worry about in this situation right now?

From the article, "The lawsuit filed Wednesday by the Animal Welfare Institute and other groups said they were virtually certain turtles have been caught and burned in the corrals BP is using to capture and burn oil."

Well that is good enough for me. I am virtually certain that I have been caught in a pathetic economy because of our leader's malfeasance as well. Where do I sign up for a settlement?

"The lawsuit accused BP PLC of violating the Endangered Species Act."

Don't get me wrong I feel a whole lot better knowing the families of these sea turtles will be reimbursed by the Animal Welfare Institute with BP's money after the families are identified. But here is a question for you.

How do you identify the families of sea turtles? I mean in many cases we can't even identify who the right father is in humans today. But we can do this for sea turtles? I am virtualy certain that immediate family members of the sea turtle victims will not be getting a dime. Anyone else see a problem here?

This is another asinine statement: "Mark Proegler, a spokesman for the oil giant, said Thursday that the company has tried to avoid accidentally burning turtles. He said crews in boats look for turtles before oil is burned. He said they can stop the burns if any turtles are spotted."

If anyone believes this I have some beachfront property in Louisiana that won't be affected by the oil spill to sell you.

BP has proven from the outset that they are about the money period. From the time they started drilling to efforts at cleanup. To think they give one iota of attention to a burning sea turtle and are willing to stop a burn to save it is just not realistic.

Just like thinking a quick settlement with some Animal Welfare group to shut them up is crucial right now.

What about the families who are literally being starved to death or forced to move because of this disaster. What about the families of the dolphins, crabs, shrimp, and sharks.

And I don't mean the land sharks who are holding up progress for humans. I mean the aquatic kind. I'm going to represent them. The aquatic sharks and wait for my settlement. Someone has to.

I can't wait to see the settlement agreement and just how much the Animal Welfare Institute is going to get.

Your thoughts?

In the meantime pay attention to the idiots in control with this.


  1. I do like Turtles.and I'm glad that somepeople are looking out for them.I believe there are only seven sea Turtles species on our planet.And three of the seven breed in the Gulf of Mexico.

  2. I like turtles too and something should be done to protect them but that was not the point of the article. I may need to work more on my sarcastic slant but bottom line is a simple one.

    The media will report a settlement with some outfit for money that can do nothing to save the turtles so it is essentially hush money.

    This same media however cannot seem to show the most serious of problems to the rest of the area. Instead we are forced to get the real gruesome story from the internet instead of mainstream.

    To me that is pathetic. Is a story about buying off some animal welfare folks to shut their trap, while knowing nothing would be done to save the turtles, instead of showing the human cost in its real form a better part of journalism?

    I think not. In this case it is an epic fail and this particular group has not outlined any plan agreed upon by BP or anyone else that would correct the problem of the burning turtles.

    And how do you put a price on turtle life so quickly for a dolar when we haven't even addressed or paid most of the human victims?

    They have not even come up with a real plan to fix the mess that was created that will cost hundreds if not thousands of human lives before it all goes away.

    But hey Obama got his $20 bill to exploit and some group "representing" the turtles got paid. Priorities anyone?

    I do agree someone needs to watch out for the turtles but I would just as well see them watch out for us humans.

    Thanks for writing.


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