Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I read an article in the LEO today by Steve Shaw concerning the ORBP and found some things fascinating. You can read it here: Bridge to division Louisville's Alt-Weekly LEO Weekly. What was interesting wasn't the content as we have known for some time the majority wants an East End Bridge first. No what was interesting were the comments by Bridges Authority Executive Director Steve Shultz.

According to Shultz "dividing the project “is not on the table for us right now""

When asked if he would follow up with state sponsors and federal highways about possibly dividing the project up his answer was?

“I’m not going to make it part of our normal work stream because we’re trying to fund the bridges project as it’s been defined for us.”

Herein lies my problem. Who defines the project and why are they not addressing this issue as the public has made clear this is their wont. One more example of those being in power circumventing the will of the people in my opinion.

Here is one more interesting tidbit: The authority is expected to vote on a financial plan after November’s election. Big surprise huh? Don't do anything that would upset the elections for fear of, oh I don't know maybe, being held accountable?

The primary factor to this whole project is not necessarily about traffic congestion being relieved but about how the City, and the inherent cronies within, can profit from it through the abuse of tolling. Make no mistake they will toll until they bleed us dry which is why they are so reluctant to downsize and use common sense for this project. They want to get their money and not worry about us necessarily.

Of course never mind that the locals who are struggling will hurt the most from this asinine idea.

With the expansion of Fort Knox for example, Radcliffe will be an area that will see tremendous growth and opportunity leading us into another problem. Lost revenue.

Currently Radcliffe is used by the area surrounding Ft Knox as basically a drive through to get to Louisville. When they expand, what will be the incentive for those who currently drive through Radcliffe to get to Louisville to continue that tradition and spend their money here?

Well we have one thing I have been advocating for years. Fulfilling the promise of the Gene Snyder to the Southwest.

By building a SW bridge the Dixie highway corridor can expand and create an atmosphere conducive to those in the Ft Knox area to continue driving here and spending money. With the addition of the SW bridge making it slightly easier to get to Indiana, and the big draw there gambling, developing an entertainment corridor in the Dixie area makes sense. It will create an incentive for these folks to continue spending here thus making money.

Based on my research we can build both the East end bridge and the SW bridge and completely fulfill the promise we were made for the Gene Snyder for less than $1 billion and would require no tolls.

Funny how no one wants to focus on that........

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