Thursday, July 8, 2010


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RICK PITINO/KAREN SYPHER: For those of you who are not sick of this story yet (I most certainly am) the Courier did a piece today outlining the Prosecution's plan against Sypher. Rick Pitino extortion trial strategy unveiled by prosecutors The Courier-Journal. The most interesting part is that they will allow documented testimony from a case involving Sypher from 2009 by her now deceased ex boss. Interesting in that the case was settled out of court and obviously there can be no cross examination of the ex boss.

Wonder when they will allow the testimony of those ex girlfriends of Pitino's who were sexually harassed including a rumored payoff to an administrative assistant at UK in a case that is rumored to have lasted 4 years. Would that not also go to character? Time will tell.

CONWAY COMES OUT OF HIDING FOR A NIGHT: Rand Paul and Jack Conway exchange barbs The Courier-Journal. About the only ting I got from this was that Rand Paul actually stood on substance and Jack stood on party loyalty. While Paul stressed his themes of a balanced federal budget and term limits to eliminate the problem of "career politicians," Conway said he wants to "take back for Democrats the seat of former Democratic Sen. Wendell Ford" by replacing Republican Sen. Jim Bunning, who is retiring.

Uh Jack that seat belongs to the people of Kentucky and never Wendell Ford. This same old tired party line dogma illustrates just exactly why Conway does not need to be elected.

OBAMA SUING ARIZONA: Louisville News and Politics: OBAMA AND BIG BROTHER NOW SUING ARIZONA. What happened to states rights? If the feds won't do their job doesn't the state have the right to protect its citizens? One more abuse of power in this case in my opinion. Of course it is easy to do since Obama is spending our money.

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