Saturday, July 10, 2010


Never mind that Larry Clark is an imbecile and has been for years. Never mind that Clark lies about his 100% voting record. Never mind that Clark has stood in the way of progress in Kentucky for years if he does not personally benefit from it. Yep Larry we know about certain deals and certain bars that are "rumored" to have happened.

The one thing Clark has always relied on is the support and money by labor in Louisville. It has always been one point of contention for many throughout the community that labor has typically always supported the Democratic candidate no matter what.

This year marks a milestone for labor in Louisville and a big problem for Larry Clark. Republican Brian Simpson is Clark's opponent in November and represents a new breed of Republican candidate.

Why so?

Because Brian is not just a Republican he is also a union worker, supporter, and advocate. This creates a major problem for Clark as he has consistently turned his back on organized labor in recent years believeing he can do what he wants regardless of his base.

Take the following for example:

Larry Clark has continued going down a path that hurts working families in Kentucky and that is finally being recognized. Clark should have gotten the message during the primary when the Teamsters endorsed Brian Simpson for both the primary AND the general election.

This terminology is important because Clark was told in no uncertain terms that they were done with him. Instead Clark's typical ego led him to believe that the Teamster's would "get over it" and he would be fine in the General.

Sorry Larry you need to get over yourself. IN fact WHAS Joe Arnold did a story on this Teamsters say Clark lied, endorsing Republican instead Louisville Blogs News for Lou...

What did Clark do? Decided to act like it was a personal thing between him and Teamster President Fred Zuckerman. Sorry Larry in this case it was you against the working families of Kentucky as usual.

Zuckerman states that no incumbent should take union support for granted. I agree. But not only did Zuckerman make the statement he also sent a scathing reply to Clark in response to his letter seeking support:

This should bode well for Brian Simpson and working families in Kentucky. I certainly hope I am part of the crowd singing "hey hey hey goodbye" to Clark in November.

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