Friday, August 27, 2010


This just in and yep it is an exclusive! The suit brought about by the GOP against 3rd District Libertarian Ed Martin, and Independent Michael Hansen, has been dropped as of this afternoon.

According to the dismissal:

Plaintiff Cordell Lawrence, by counsel, and pursuant to BR41.01, voluntarily dismisses this action.

As we know co plaintiff David Caldwell voluntarily withdrew yesterday citing his inability to continue. Now we have even more questions.

What exactly was the Republican Party leadership thinking in the first place? Seriously, everyone knows the local GOP has been hijacked by a Washington lobbyist insider in John McCarthy but is this the legacy they want to be known for? The local GOP is making pathetic desperate mistakes since it was hijacked and it is hurting good legitimate people in the party accordingly.

Why would they withdraw now? Perhaps because they got caught using someone who needs professional help to do their dirty work for them. Personally I think they just verified it.

Did Vice Chair Cordell Lawrence act on orders from the Executive committee? If he didn't he must be removed from his position. Did he act on behalf of Todd Lally? If so he must be removed from his position.

Accordingly, since Attorney Vincent Heuser Jr. pursued this because of political pressure on behalf of the party, and presumably Todd Lally, then he has some serious ethical concerns to be checked out and should be removed from the LD Chair.

I may have to check into the bar and the JCC to see if there are any charges to be brought. No biggie I have done it before. Remember Jim King? I won that one and will again if I go that route.

When asked about the dismissal Martin stated:

"I am glad this is behind us and look forward to making this race primarily about issues instead of tactical politics."

While I agree with focusing on issues instead of party politics, I also believe that this erroneous power play by the party is THE issue right now. I left the Democratic party because of asinine leadership pulling these cheap political stunts. I joined the Republican Party primarily to vote for my candidate in the Republican Party primary. I stuck around for a bit in hopes that maybe the Republicans could inspire me.

I should have known better.

Todd Lally is no choice for anyone in this election. He has no ideas, no solutions, and apparently no integrity. This is what led to this whole fiasco. Instead of manning up and speaking with Martin directly, like I told Lally to do many times when he kept asking what it would take to get Ed out of the race, he chose instead to hide behind this childish erroneous attempt to get him out of the race.

He couldn't man up and do the right thing by contacting Ed to discuss the situation instead he opted to hide behind this theatrical production. That is not a leader but a scared child in the making. We cannot have that in Washington folks. The stakes are too high and our problems too serious to pin our hopes on someone who can't even do the right thing here at home.

More importantly the fact that all involved used, and tried to hide behind, someone who has serious problems and needs professional help should be a sign for everyone that they are about as bad as it gets.

I have often believed that you could tell the character of someone by how they treat old people and animals. I believe that should apply equally to how you treat those who cannot help themselves as well.

The Lally campaign and the local GOP that includes a Vice Chair named Cordell Lawrence, a Washington lobbyist named John McCarthy, and an apparently bought and paid for attorney called Vincent Heuser, Jr, should be greatly ashamed of themselves and resign from any political position and/or campaign immediately.

I will be looking into charges against the attorney for knowingly using someone who was not of "sound mind" in David Caldwell. I will additionally be looking into possible charges against Cordell Lawrence and the GOP, as well as, candidate Todd Lally.

None of us deserve this from any of them.

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