Thursday, August 5, 2010


It is with some regret that I anounce this week was the last show for MyViewMatters Radio for awhile. Due to differences with Clear Channel we simply could not work out a plan that allowed for our ad campaign based on their stipulations. In short, they simply would not budge on allowing us to air the same campaign commercials they air on their own shows.

Since we pay for our show, and are not on the Clear Channel payroll, this put us in a position to go the traditional route and seek ad revenue or investments to continue. Rest assured we will begin that effort immediately and hope to be back on air soon. We are currently looking for a marketing company or salesperson with a background in media sales to include radio. Contact us if interested.

In the meantime we decided that since this is our last show for now that the best race to get involved with was what promises to be the closest one. The race for Louisville Metro Mayor. Our guest in studio accordingly was current Metro Councilman and Mayoral candidate Hal Heiner.

As expected Hal was an open book and willing to discuss all issues. Economic growth, public safety, the brigdes fiasco, all were covered.

Stay tuned as we work through this difficult time and tune in below for Hal Heiner!

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