Friday, September 17, 2010


One thing that most agree on that I speak with is that 3rd Congressional Rep John Yarmuth needs to go. One other thing they all agree on is that Todd Lally has no substance and their support is only because they want Yarmuth gone so badly. What does this mean?

Simply this.

Many feel they are being forced to vote for a substandard candidate like Lally as an anti vote against Yarmuth. This begs one question? Why vote for Lally then? Admittedly, at the beginning of his campaign I was with those that believed Lally could win and do better. I have come to the conclusion based on my personal dealings with Lally that he is more of the same and not a good choice for representing us.

Additionally I believe the local GOP needs a good swift kick in the pants to get them into gear.

In an election year like this one, where there is a real chance to make substantive changes we all seek, we should have had a strong leader to choose from. We do not want, nor need, a substandard candidate for this critical office like Todd Lally. He has proven to be more of the same. All talking points and no substance and we the people today are getting smarter and sick of these type of options from the 2 party system.

The mentality of voting for the lesser of two evils is beyond old. We must stand together and elect those with substance to offer. Even if they are the outsider candidate and lose I can sleep at night knowing I voted for the best candidate for the job. I am sure many others feel the same way.

What better way to send a message to the parties that we are sick of being ignored and force fed these lame choices than to elect an outsider. One who really has ideas and a plan to get us there not some boring talking point with no plan.

I will not be voting for Lally or Yarmuth period. They both lack the substance we demand, thus allowing us to make an educated choice on the facts of their platforms, instead opting to use standard talking points by partisan players who fail to deliver on them.

Which brings me to this. Libertarian candidate Ed Martin where are you?

Many know I am friends with Martin admittedly, it is one reason why I have not worked on his campaign, or invoked myself into it with the exception of Lally's idiotic shenanigans trying to get Martin off the ballot, but even I have questions about his candidacy.

Ed Martin is probably the smartest of the candidates. Seriously. A MENSA member, small business owner, and not afraid to share substance on the issues. He proves leadership everyday. So what gives?

As we all know if you are not part of the two party system you generally get ignored by media, which you need to get your message out. Mainstream is not going to give anyone outside the two party candidates fair and equal coverage at no charge. You must earn that coverage in their eyes and that means getting busy. Knowing this it is imperative that you work even harder than your competition because you literally have to if you plan on getting votes.

The parties have a machine in place that helps them financially and through volunteers. They have the money, resources, staff, and media. They can reach many more people even though they are not personally engaging them. Outsiders to the two party system have to fight for everything that is literally handed to party nominees on a silver platter, including media, to help get their message heard. And what message are the parties sending?

Talking points, negative campaigning, and no substance. In short divisionary messages that accomplish nothing for the average American. It is about the party power not we the people anymore.

Where then is Ed Martin?

While Ed is putting out some substance in media press releases, such as the $25,000 small business tax exemption, he is still being ignored by mainstream which is why I say it is time to hit the streets. Knowing Ed has a business to run I still say it is time to get out of the warehouse and into our house.

People are ripe for a change in leadership and this is the year Libertarians, independents, and other 3rd party candidates have a real chance at sending a message to the status quo two part system. Think I am wrong? Look around the Country and pay attention to the tea party candidates who are making waves all across the US. The message?

We are fed up with the bipartisan lies and lack of direction and leadership. We demand candidate choices who have a detailed plan on what they want to accomplish. We demand substance and facts on your talking point platforms. We demand accountability.

None of which we get from partisan hacks like Democrat John Yarmuth, or Republican hack Todd Lally. What better way for we the voter to send that message than to elect someone outside the two party system, that offers real substance instead of talking points, and who just happens to be as tired of the two party system of lies and misdirection as even many party members are themselves? It's a two year election so what can we achieve by voting this way?

Plenty. After two years of not having the seat perhaps then the two parties will finally give us substance instead of the same old garbage candidates we have been force fed into.

Martin gives us a choice of just such candidate, but how many know of him?

Only those who pay serious attention to the races. Most still continue to get their information from mainstream media and BS commercial ads sadly.

The only way to involve the people and open their eyes to new possibilities is to engage them. No one outside the two party system can even consider an outsider if they are not engaged.

To my friend Ed Martin. I respect your candidacy and I know how hard you work at your business, at home, and in this campaign. But most don't know you well enough to make that statement.

I know after many conversations with you and hearing your ideas and plans they are what we need today. But most don't know you well enough to know that.

I know how much you want this job and I know how hard you will work to represent us. But most don't know you well enough to make that statement.

See a pattern yet?

It is up to you to make sure people hear the message. It is time to delegate some of that responsibility inside your plant to others so you can free up more time to campaign.

Invest some money and make more time available. We the people cannot vote for you if we don't know who you are.

So here is my challenge to you. I challenge you to stand up and force them to recognize you instead of allowing yourself to be ignored. Fight for this seat as hard as you fight for the changes. In short, you need to engage more. I know firsthand how tough an outsider campaign can be but without engaging the people there is no shot.

We the people are screaming for someone who not only hears us but someone who can respond with a detailed plan on how they can help us. You have a plan. Now is the time to engage and share it with us.

You have to engage we the people 100% of everyday in this campaign. It is yours to win or lose alone.

Give us a reason to vote for you. With 6 weeks left now is the time..........


  1. Can me anything you like, but if it don't say I next to their name they most likely will not get my vote. Go Ed Martin!

  2. Many people feel that way anonymous but he needs to get his message out and hasnt yet.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Martin is a good guy but has absolutely 0% chance in this election. Next best bet is Lally and that's who I'm voting for.

  4. Perhaps he has no chance but I ask one question. Why not?

    If we continue voting for "next best" trhen we will continue getting substandard candidates. Even if Martin loses what does it say to the powers that be if he gets 20% of the vote for example.

    It sends a message that resonates that we will no longer be fed like sheep and that they will have to wake up to those outside the standard substandard candidates they continue to give us.

    Personally, I will no longer vote for "next best" and will vote for who I believe is best.

    Win, lose, or draw as I stated in the article I can live with that.

    And so can many others.

    Thanks for writing.

  5. Most people I know want to keep John Yarmuth.

    He delivered on health care. That's enough for me.


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